Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life

Isn't this how mothers usually feel?  

Just like you're somewhere under everything else.  Getting a bit smashed.

Like one kid is cramming their fingers down your throat, while you're trying to juggle the other with your feet. Literally.  Oh, and all three of you are hot, sweaty, stinky messes.  

At least that's how I usually feel.  

A lot of this action...

And this action...

And especially a lot of this action...

Motherhood just seems to be so all-consuming.  

And Daddyhood is just so easy, right?

Captain awesome.

Movie slumber parties on the tramp.

Chasing wild animals.

Decorating crazy cookies.

Just full of fun, fun, fun with Dad.

But that's just it.  Dad's are seriously awesome.  And I'm soooo thankful for my kids' awesome Dad that  is so eager to play with them.  Entertain them.  Give their mom a break. 

So that I can return to my job happy, resfreshed.  

Full of this action....    

And this sweetness.

Most difficult job I've had.  If you call it a job. #nothin'better #dreamjob

PS.  Thought Rigg's first CTR coloring was worth capturing. 


Lindsay & Josh said...

I love it. I think you said it perfectly. Your children are sooooo lucky to have such a fun, funny, loving and talented mom!

Megan Mitchell said...

I really do LOVE this post (but I love all your posts!)And, that is an awesome CTR coloring. :)

Lauren Ramsey said...

HAHAHA the pictures are too good. LOVE this post. Miss you guys!! Xoxo