Monday, April 26, 2010

Am I the

You tell me....Total was $211 and I spent....$37. Yes, that is correct, an 83% savings. I know it's not the "total was $150, spent .42 cents," that you see on the awesome coupon blogger sites, but's pretty good.

And if the $174 in savings does not impress you, how about the fact that included in the stash pictured above is ORGANIC granola bars, ORGANIC frozen fruit, ORGANIC baby food, ORGANIC pretzels, sandwich thins, egg beaters, fish and yogurt....which proves you can eat well, and by well I mean, not just pure preservatives, as a couponer. (ignore the great frozen pie slices we scored too) And I say, you can too!

And if you are not impressed by the savings, or healthy food, how about all that cleaning supplies back in the corner of my stash (scrubbing bubble, windex, shout, and fabric softner)? Money was not only not spent, but made on those items and we all know how fof it is to replenish your cleaning supplies, but couponing almost makes it fun. And I say, you can have fun too!

I had a rough start with couponing back in the good ol' state of Utah, but thank goodness for Florida and the great store of Publix because I'm finally hitting my stride. I'll admit it, I get giddy waiting for the "sneak peak" of the weekly Publix ad to show up so I can prep my coupons and day dream of the beautiful match-ups - Buy one, get one promotion + manufacturer coupon + publix coupon. Oh, the trifecta. Thank you for indulging me for this one moment as I glory in my victory.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our First Visitors

The day I landed from MN back in FL, Mere and gunner were en route to visit us. It was a dream, seeing all of my siblings in about a month (Riggs and I went to MO to see the C2's in early February, but did not have my camera), and likely needed given the fact that we had just moved across the country.

Here's what we got to spend the week with....does it get any cuter????

Mere wanted to see an alligator while she was here, so see an alligator was what we did. We went to some random nature preserve where we saw a big one with like 4 babies.

(And yes, it was cold while she was here, thus, all of the blankets, hats, coats) More of the preserve.

The boys hanging. Showing a little interest in each other.

Reading time, which they were both digging, either due to the books made by ma, or the dreamy narrator.

I just realized we didn't take any pics of the beach, but we did take pics of DisneyWorld!
(Gunner starting the day asleep - he was unamused)

Our little Florida retiree with his sun hat and button-up sweater.

Riggs....Dad showing off.

The scrumptious turkey leg (I'm positive it was ham).

Getting soaked on splash mountain.

Can't wait to see you guys in less than a month!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Girls and A Little Man

My sweet hubby surprised me with a plane ticket to tropical Minnesota for Valentine's Day. We were both so pumped despite the irony of leaving Florida in the winter to go to Minnesota....we'll have to work on swapping travel plans in the future. But anyhoo, Riggs sure had a blast watching 3 of his older girl cousins work. Those Bjorkman girls are sure entertaining...Little Baby Boy Bjork is going to have a blast. Can't wait to see the Bjork's and their new little brother....hopefully soon!

Jocy sure was helpful with Riggs. She showed up to help me put him down for naps (mainly focused on turning out the lights), when I was changing his diaper to check out the "boy bottom," while he was eating....just anytime she could be of assistance. Riggs and I both appreciated it. These two had a lot of time together....aren't they so cute and Adge offered some great "break" times!

We were very lucky to get to see all the girls in their gymnastics classes. They looked like olympians to me.

Abs and Savs were working on a few of their dance routines while we were there also. I tried to give them a few pointers from my extensive dance history, they'll take 'em if they know what's good for them.

Then, of course, a few formal shoots.

Thanks Bjorks for the dream of a trip!