Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello Florida!!

First, I'm sorry to anyone that was expecting a "video" for our "Hello Florida" post. That just wasn't going to work out if we wanted something in a timely fashion. Thus, just the good ol' photo/description sequel. I digress....

HELLLOOOOO FLORIDA! We've been Floridians now for 2 weeks on the dot and I must say I've loved it. From what I understand, we moved at the perfect time of the year. The weather is perfect, humidity not bad, lots going on. Plus, we're renting in a nice little neighborhood that's kind of in a country-ish area away from the city. Our new ward, or I should "technically" say branch," has a great vibe, but before I just list off EVERYTHING we've been welcomed with by Florida, here they are, in no order....but kind of in an order.

1. Hello Weather!! Yes, we know this may not be a positive thing come June or July, but for now it is paradise I tell you, paradise! The mornings and nights are cool, mid-day and evenings are warm. Rain on occasion, but never a cold rain, it's a refreshing rain. If we had more time and a built in baby-sitter Trevor and I would play tennis everyday, because you can. Riggs and I have an afternoon walk, stroll, or jog, depending on Mom's energy level each day because it just feels so great outside. Riggs is digging his outside time, mainly because he's out of the car seat stroller form and now sits upright. He's all business when he's in his stroller. He is not interested in talking or laughing at you during his office time, he will rarely even look at you. Anyway, as for the weather, I'm loving it. (Also, whatever humidity there is now I think we're already use to and my skin appreciates it)

2. Hello Beach!
The beach is great for so many reasons. So is being close to the beach. We hope many good times are to come at the beach.

3. Hello Wildlife! I already dislike so much about you. Wish I could say the same for my husband. I'm not kidding you, day 1 he was out scavenging around the backyard looking to get diseased by some animal...he found the turtle below. I made him protect himself with the trash bag when picking it up. Good thing I'm around. And yes, we've had our first official crocodile/alligator sighting (need to beef up on the differences). We hit a tennis ball over the fence and there he was about 15 feet away from the ball. I wish that experience would have never happened, it's too much of a reality now. No playing in water for Rigdon, love his Mom. Oh, and almost every day since day 1 I've caught Trevor just doing this wander around the backyard thing. You can just see the bubble over his head saying, "Please something awesome come out and play with me." (Also pictured below are the 3 frogs that live on our sliding glass door.)

4. Hello Toll roads! Sure, there's no state income tax, but they'll get it back in their toll fees. Luckily, I don't have to use them, but Trevor visits them frequently.

5. Hello Flat Land! It's official, I now want a bike. At our house in Utah I didn't have a chance of biking out of our neighbor hood, but here in FL the biggest elevation change is the one foot difference between being in the swamp and barely out of it on the sidewalk. I can't wait to throw Rigsy in the trailer and cruise.

6. Hello Razor! I didn't even think about the impact this move would have on my shaving schedule. It's a good thing Trevor got me here before I realized I may have to shave more than once a month during the winter. I'm slowly adjusting to the once a week :) schedule and more than happy to deal with shaving in exchange for wearing capri's every day of the year.

7. Hello Post-10 PM! Man, I didn't even know that life continued past 10 pm mountain standard time. But sheesh, prime time is now 8 pm EST. We now have shows that START at 10pm! Plus, most BYU sporting events don't start until 9 our time. We've already had some late nights (Jimmer Jammer you are the man - go Cougs!), but I do enjoy the later start times to allow for more dinner prep/night to-do stuff before you just sit and relax.

8. Hello Publix! So I've left the world of Smith's, Harmon's, etc. and entered Publix and Winn Dixie world. I've left the world of store "promo's" (couponers, you know what I mean) and entered the world of Buy One Get One Free. I've left the world of Sunday papers for $1.50 and entered the world of Sunday papers for .50 from the guy in the middle of the street.

9. Hello Jamannah! Yep, that's right, the three and only people we knew in this state - Jonathon, Amanda, and Savannah. We were lucky enough to see them this past weekend (before the new babe arrives) and it was great to catch up as well as look forward to more fun times to come. I had my camera and somehow didn't take any pictures. Fof! Well, let's just hit Sea World up sooner rather than later so we can get a few.

PS. Amanda - Lactose-free formula (not soy, my bad) is a dream. THANK YOU!

And lastly....

10. Hello Haircut! Yep, I finally broke down and chopped off Rigg's locks of love. The ultra long on top, bald on the sides just wasn't working anymore (or that's what my husband says). Anyway, I'm glad I did it. I love his little new do! He is just "so dang cute." I can not get enough of the little guy. And he can't get enough of making the face below...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye Utah!!

For those we haven't had a chance to tell...or say goodbye to....we have moved! We are now Floridians. Trevor is outside, right now, with his shirt off trying to get what he calls "bronzed." I'm kidding. We're actually just sitting in our half-unpacked, home trying to watch some tube on Hulu (while borrowing internet from the neighbor). While The Bachelor is frozen momentarily, I thought I'd do this long lost blog post.

So, in short, Trevor took a new job with pre-need funeral insurance company (kind of weird, we know). We had quite the salesman sell us on the company (my brother), and they have backed up all of Ev's "talk" thus far. I think Trevor's excited to start down this new path and Riggs and I are excited to support him...while visiting DisneyWorld:)

However, as excited as we are for this new opportunity in a new place, we were also sad to leave our home of about a decade for me and 6 years for Trevor. Utah had won our hearts over. We enjoyed so much about much that we thought we'd pull together a video montage of course! So, here it is, our farewell to The Beehive State! We'll surely be back though....I mean, it's the home of our Cougars!!!

(P.S. If you click on the "HQ" in the video the pictures won't be so pixely)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Wedding Festival

I call it the wedding festival because it was many events, occurring across many days. It was great fun though getting to be a part of the many activities that celebrated the new marriage of Andy and MaKenna! Welcome to the fam MaKenna!

First, was the sealing up in Seattle. It was meant to be, there was no rain while they took pictures! The bride and groom looked great and of course the nieces and nephews were a great show themselves! (Excuse Rigdon's lack of a matching outfit for the Seattle event)

Bride/Groom & the Winn's.

Bride/Groom and the nieces and nephews.

The Albany Winn's.

Groom and Gma.

The Carlile parental units made the trip.

The Groom and brothers being awesome.

The groom and brothers being normal.

Grandpa Winn keeping Rigsy warm. Mandy keeping Hailey happy.

The newly married man giving Rigdon some words of wisdom.

Then the next week was the reception in Seattle. Trevor represented the family for that event. Lastly, was the Albany reception, which was great fun.

The Decor.

The Guests.

The Cake and Cake Master.

Riggs picking up some moves from Uncle Riley.

Riggs and Uncle Brad.

Another one of Riggs and Uncle Brad because it was too cute to pass up.

The Best Man and Maid of Honor.

The two old-timer Daughter-in-laws.

The Father of the Bride.

Trevor and Grandpa Ray. And the Purple shoes.

PS. A shout out to Mom who found Riggs his stellar outfit, which made him not look like the homely nephew. Thanks Mom!!