Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Wedding Festival

I call it the wedding festival because it was many events, occurring across many days. It was great fun though getting to be a part of the many activities that celebrated the new marriage of Andy and MaKenna! Welcome to the fam MaKenna!

First, was the sealing up in Seattle. It was meant to be, there was no rain while they took pictures! The bride and groom looked great and of course the nieces and nephews were a great show themselves! (Excuse Rigdon's lack of a matching outfit for the Seattle event)

Bride/Groom & the Winn's.

Bride/Groom and the nieces and nephews.

The Albany Winn's.

Groom and Gma.

The Carlile parental units made the trip.

The Groom and brothers being awesome.

The groom and brothers being normal.

Grandpa Winn keeping Rigsy warm. Mandy keeping Hailey happy.

The newly married man giving Rigdon some words of wisdom.

Then the next week was the reception in Seattle. Trevor represented the family for that event. Lastly, was the Albany reception, which was great fun.

The Decor.

The Guests.

The Cake and Cake Master.

Riggs picking up some moves from Uncle Riley.

Riggs and Uncle Brad.

Another one of Riggs and Uncle Brad because it was too cute to pass up.

The Best Man and Maid of Honor.

The two old-timer Daughter-in-laws.

The Father of the Bride.

Trevor and Grandpa Ray. And the Purple shoes.

PS. A shout out to Mom who found Riggs his stellar outfit, which made him not look like the homely nephew. Thanks Mom!!


The Winns said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing, I didn't take a picture the whole time. It was so good to see you guys I hope we see you again soon!!

JasPam said...

I left a comment yesterday on your blog, but for some reason it didn't get published, so I'll try again. We love having you photographers in the family! Thanks for your the quality and sensitivity of your shots. Riggs really smiles well for his uncles! He can tell they are great guys, and the entire wedding party looks fab!

kc said...

Great wedding shots. Those Winn men are handsome guys!