Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Discourse on Proper Blogging Etiquette

In holy writ, we find both principles and rules. The rules were given to support the principle. Jesus taught the principles of loving thy neighbor and loving thy God. Moses' 10 commandments were rules that helped the people live these principles.

In the world of blogging, we also have principles and rules. The underlying principle for blogging is respect. There are many "commandments" that help us live and adhere to this principle. They are listed below, along with our commentary.

1. Thou shalt not read the blog, take the time to read the associated comments, and then move on.

You people know who you are. This is showing NO respect. This is "I don't want you to know I was reading your blog!" This is the issue. It is this pattern that has spurred this discourse.

2. Thou shalt not simply call or email to show respect for a blog.

This is a common misconception. While a phone call/email is highly appropriate for holidays and birthdays, this is not one of the best ways to demonstrate deep respect for a blog post. Now, don't misunderstand us completely here...a phone call/email regarding a post is appreciated at some level. However, what matters in blogging is that the praise for your post is made public. We understand that most of you have good intentions and make this mistake due to a lack of understanding for proper blogging etiquette. This is what the scriptures refer to as a transgression, or sin of omission. You've all been through seminary and know what we're talking about.

3. Thou shalt comment.

Remember, the underlying principle of these commandments is respect. And public respect at that. To show proper respect for the hours and hours of hard work that someone has put into their blog, it is only reasonable for you to show your respect through a simple comment. The level of your appreciation and respect for the post will vary, obviously; and therefore, so should your comment. Who doesn't want that little extra boost of self-esteem, that increased sense of self actualization, that comes from seeing 8 new comments about how interesting/funny/witty/ insightful intelligent/kind/thoughtful/cute you are? We know we do.


Moses brought the lesser law. Jesus brought the higher law. Adrienne Bjorkman has brought the higher law to the world of blogging. What Adrienne has done goes above and beyond any of these "commandments." She has truly shown that you can magnify your calling in the blogging kingdom. She read our blog. She placed a phone call. She made a thoughtful comment. And then she did what we, the authors of this discourse, didn't even realize was on the sliding scale of blogger etiquette. She was so moved by our blog that she made a post on her blog to honor us and show respect for the hardwork we invested. Adrienne, we thank you. And now we are using our blog to show respect for your blog. You have shown by example how to live the higher law. You have been a beacon on a hill and we thank you once more. It is our humble prayer that we may all have Adrienne's courage and commitment to live the rules that will help us demonstrate the blogging principle of respect.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Winn-Carlile Wedding Invitational Tournament

I don't know what normal married couples do on their Saturday afternoons, but yesterday Les and I put together this little number from the pre-wedding tourney. Thanks to everyone for playing. It was great times had by all and we hope that you enjoy this video we have put together. Make sure you have your sound turned on.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Time for a New Blog...

Trevor and I both felt it was time to get a new blog much as we liked the Harry honeymoon one. So, until we develop our next masterpiece, here's a little filler fun.

Let's just say there was some frustration that set-in when we found out our convertible PT cruise got down graded to a red, convertible Mustang. We love the PT Cruiser, it just has that cool factor you can't buy with a mustang.

Those snow cones are as good as everyone in the whole universe who goes there says they are. do none of those millions of people who go there not notice the shaved ice store 50 feet away that doesn't have the eternity long lines? I'm here to say, they produce the exact same product. Tested and Lesley approved. Don't wait in the line anymore people.

(Turtles were all over the beach our backyard went out to)

Turtle 1

Turtle 2

Turtle 3

Turtle 4

The 2 turtles playing together (illegal by the way, touching turtles).

The gymnast in our family.

The rainbow state.

Right outside our house.

We were just doing a little "tracking" (I've been reading Twilight). See the attached link (photo on very bottom of blog).

The Luau.

A little body surfing. The experience made me appreciate fresh water.

The dole plantation.

Who knew pineapples grew from the ground? Possibly embarrassing for me to admit, oh well.

Just a little wound from getting in the naysche mustang. (left corner of the eye, if you can't see it) It hurt so much worse than it looks. It's still painful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The 2 things we did on our honeymoon

We had a lovely time on the north shore of Oahu on our honeymoon. We stayed in a great little house right on the beach. Hawaii has much to offer and there were plenty of things we could have done. However, we chose to do two things.........

Outside the house

At the beach

At the restaurant

Waiting for our luau to start

Waiting for our luau to start

Starting the road trip back to Utah

Malad Canyon in Idaho

2. We don't have any pictures of #2...........

Monday, August 6, 2007

What a Summer!

We've had quite the are a few highlights...


Das Boot.

One of the many beautiful sunrises in the Caribbean. I never saw a sunrise on the cruise. This is courtesy of Trevor.


We attended the Jazz's only playoff victory vs. the evil Spurs. Yes, we were (and are as long as they stay good and until the Blazers are better) bandwagon Jazz fans.

This baby will definitely NOT be considered a bandwagon fan.

Just Lesley getting a little crazy about the Jazz.


Classic Carlile photo....yes.

Perform, perform, perform. See the video on Adge & Steve's blog. Enough said.

The Coach. His Player.

(This was at the pre-Carlile/Winter wedding ping pong tourne)

Trevor and his nieces at the reception.

The precious couple.

We spent a weekend up at Dallas' grandparent's cabin on Bear Lake. Mother Ohler prepared amazing food for every meal, they had a dock in their backyard, and a jet ski ready to go. Rolling with the Ohlers is rolling high class.

Sunset at Bear Lake.

Dal just busy being Dal.

Lesley showing off her water skiing skills.


Here's Trevor sporting his old-school Rebels jersey, driving...a long way....which has become his specialty.

Here's Lesley sporting her new golf skirt and driving not a long ways, which has become her specialty.

Putting....hmmmm. So bothersome.