Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Activites of late...

We used our last Disney "Dream Pass" on EPCOT a month or so ago. Trevor had this major aversion to EPCOT because of his memory of it as a child. Well, I thought it was interesting. It's like a huge OMSI. When intermixed with the other amusement parks, I understand why it gets the shaft. You should just go there first with your kids. Then the bar isn't set as high.

Other than that, pretty much all our time is spent in the water. It starts with the bath tub. He ALWAYS wants in the bath tub. (Photos censored for your viewing pleasure)

Then there's playgroup, which is at the pool. A sweet pool at that. And this was an extra special playgroup that Dad got to come to. You can see he may have had more fun that Riggs.

Here's Dad doing the Riggs dunk.

Riggs loves his dad a lot.

Then there's the dreamy cousins who live in Orlando and let us leave our kiddo with them why we go on the Branch temple trip/eat excellent food. As an added bonus, we got to go to Amanda's sister's husband's parent's pool/farm to swim in their awesome pool. We had a blast.

Oh, and remember their "farm"? Well, it was probably more awesome than the pool. How often do you get to say you pet a zebra? Or saw a Zedonk? Exactly.

The Zedonk and Cow. Notice the Zedonk's legs.

Clapping for the Zebras.

African cattle in the background, I believe.

Lastly, we went to Fort DeSoto beach for our Stake Youth Beach Trip. It was a beautiful beach and I've never felt beach water as warm as I did that day. Riggs LOVED the warm water. If we would have let him he would have crawled as far into the gulf as possible, or at least until he swallowed a tar ball.

Riggs flirting with the YW.

You can't really see them, but Riggs and Trevor are way out there...

The kid ate a lot of sand that day.

When we're lucky all this swimming will knock Riggs out. Here is his dead asleep, up on his knees, mid crawl.