Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fake Laughing

So in Sunday school I've made a habit of doing a really loud fake laugh every time someone tells a joke.....funny or not. Lesley claims she "hates" it, but it makes her laugh every time. While in Rexburg I was showing my fake laugh to Ev and Whit and pretty soon everyone was giving it a shot. The results are below. Please vote on the poll as to whose you like best and comment on who you voted for and why if you'd be so kind. Also, I'd suggest you give it a shot's really quite entertaining.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Trevor & Lesley's Travel Tips: Las Vegas Road Trip

So Lesley and I headed out to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago for the BYU/UNLV game. We had a blast and learned a few things in the process. In light of our newfound knowledge and wisdom, we feel it necessary to share those insights we have gained. As such, we are starting a new addition to our blog: Trevor & Lesley's Travel Tips. It will show up from time to time after vacations to help you out in your own travels. You may want to add a new bookmark to your browser :)

Tip #1: Go to a BYU game. First and foremost.....if you can see a BYU game while you're in Las Vegas, be sure to do it. After all, they're pretty much the home team.

Tip #2: Avoid the strip. If you have been to Las Vegas before and have already done the strip....avoid it. There's more to Las Vegas than flashing lights and little Hispanic guys with strip club flyers. If you've never done the strip before, then go. But if you've been there, done that, stay away. The traffic, people congestion, and prices are much less off the strip. And you won't get suckered into walking 4 miles because it's "just 2 more hotels down." Sidenote: There's a Cheesecake Factory in Henderson that's twice as close to Sam Boyd Stadium, has half the line, and is just as good.

Tip #3: Try to find someone to mooch off.....just kidding Allison! But really, everyone knows someone from Vegas. If you're at BYU, or went to BYU, I guarantee you know someone who has family that lives in Vegas. Sure it may be a little awkward to stay with your Relief Society President's parents that you've never met, but you don't have to pay, they know their way around things, and if they're as hospitable as the Martins (doubtful), you'll feel right at home. It's like being on the road while staying at home. Special shout-out and thank you to the Martins for everything. And in our case, this travel tip to mooch was made even better by the scenery on the walls which included: a bear, moose, warthog, hyena(we slept under it), zebra skin, leopard, and even a wild cat.

Tip #4: Playoffs Sports Bar. About an hour outside of Las Vegas is the booming town of Mesquite. You might be thinking about catching a breakfast buffet at the casino there. Don't. It's gross. Instead, drive past the casino along the main road until you find Playoff's Sports Bar. They have a great 2-for-1 breakfast deal that is some of the best in the business. It seemed almost too good to be true, but when I asked the waitress how the whole 2-for-1 breakfast thing worked she said, "It's real easy. You get two pay for one." Same great Vegas taste, unforgettable Mesquite price. It was quite the find.

Tip #5: Take a detour. On our way back we went hiking in Zion National Park with Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs. It broke up the monotony of the drive and allowed us to visit a place that we probably would not have made a whole trip out of. When hiking in Zion National Park, you have to climb Angel's Landing and you absolutely have to go all the way to the top. If you stop before the summit you've missed the best part of the hike and the best scenery. If you can take the Hobbses with you, do it. They're great entertainment.

Well that does for this first edition of Trevor & Lesley's Travel Tips. Stay tuned for more helpful insights and humorous witticisms. Coming soon................................. San Francisco

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Entering the Unknown

So, I was recently called as a co-leader for cub scouts. Let's just say when I was asked to be a co-leader for the bears, I just sat there, confused by the selection of words smashed together. I know nothing about scouts. Well, not nothing. I know two things 1) My brother was always being reminded by mother to do his scouts and 2) My dad's a silver beaver...and that's big, because it was in the paper once.
Anyways, my co-leader got in contact with me last week and invited me to a bear's meeting this past Tuesday. I was happy to go, learn what this is all about.
My one and only take-away from the meeting - there is a bear's meeting EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY. We meet and have to have activities planned for EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY. Well, not EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY. The FOURTH WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH is pack meeting. Wowie.
Speaking of pack meeting, us bears are assigned the "cheer" for next week's pack meeting. When I heard this, I honestly thought we were going to have to teach these two 9-year-0ld boys a cheer...was then informed there are "scout cheers" to choose from. We selected "The Eskimo Cheer."
It goes as follows:
First verse: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Second verse: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The end.
I am going to love scouts.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Tribute to Adge on her Birthday

So all you fans of Adrienne Sarah...It is her birthday on Saturday, October 13th. I've posted just a few classic "Adge" photos in honor of her day of birth....

Call to action all blog readers or anyone that reads Adge's blog and happens to click on our link:

Leave a "comment" on this post that is just a little note to Adge, or a memory/story about Adge, or words of advice for Adge...she's still a little spring chick.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Fully Invested Family

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day Triathlon Festivites were as follows:

1) Ping Pong (of which Trevor got his first win over Evan, I on the other had have had many:)

2) Darts (the second stage of our triathlon)

3) KersCHnippets
(some, namely Trevor, call it Kersnippets), the final stage.

Meet our game faces....

Meredith Anne (Evan trying to cheat)

Evan Richard

Whitney Lynne

Lesley Jean

Brandon Gary

(photos courtesy of Trevor Boyd, who's game face is not revealed)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lesley's First Use with the Zoom Lens

We are learning no digital camera can go without a zoom lens... The results of having a zoom lense at flag football below.

Adam's Pick-six

Ross' Grab

Andrew's Grab

The Jump Ball

The long ball. . .

. . .to Brett for the TD.

Ev's weird arm.

The celebration.

Ensuring their team's catch.

Russ's Punt Return

Running the route.

Special teams.