Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bunking With the Winters

After we were in Oregon this Christmas, for like 2+ weeks, Trevor went to FL to start work and I decided to camp out with the Winters to get some quality time before we moved worlds apart. I don't have many pictures to show from my time there, which consisted mainly of trying to get the cousins to eat and sleep, but we sure had a great time. And again, can NOT wait for Mere and Gunner to come visit!!!!

When Trevor came to pick us up, we were sure to hit up the last BYU basketball game we were going to see in-person for quite some time. Bitter sweet.

This is a quick photo shoot I did one day when the light was nice in the Winters' front room.

Here is apparently our monsterous son, thinking about eating his cousin. Kidding. They're just being awesome with their uncle.

And here is the result of 2 weeks of packing, a 16 hour car ride, a 6 hour car ride, a 14 hour car ride, sleeping on the floor a couple nights, being slightly starved and then staying at 6 different houses in one month. Alas, we still managed to have a great time everywhere we went and have now been blessed with a kid that sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Wifey....

***Trevor posted the below, while I was in Missouri a couple weeks ago. It embarrassed me, so he took it down. I am now going out of town again and thought, what the heck....this way I can avoid writing another note...and as you will see below, I don't write short notes....I digress.****

There are many, many reasons why I love my wife, but I'd like to share just one.......

So Lesley and Riggs are out of town this weekend and will be gone for [gasp] three and a half days. For some reason, Lesley thinks (correctly) that while she's gone I'll just sit around the house and do nothing but eat out and buy burgers and fries for every single meal. So in order to help me, I was blessed with this little gem before she left. Just yet another reason why I love her so much. :)

Yes, that's right, that's a page full of "suggestions" of things I could do around the house as well as a meal by meal breakdown of healthy options for me. She's her mother's daughter. Funny thing is though, I've already consulted this list a good 5-6 times in the day since she's been gone.

What would I do without her?

Thank you dear. I love you. Come home with my little buddy soon!

****It's Lesley again. Let's just say, I've already got his breakfast/lunch/dinner options on the fridge and will surely update his "things to do" while I'm away portion of the note. But I only do it because I love him:) Anyway, thought I'd add a few pictures to this post to brighten it up after my dreary note. These are all from our last month in Utah....

Hangin' in our empty was sad, yet exciting. And oh man, my two men are handsome.

Visiting little G-unit while in the hospital.

Cousins and sisters. PS Mere's coming here so soon - yay!!

Gunner giving me the brow.

Riggs getting some quality uncle time with the New Dad (in his awesome winter suit).

And this picture just cracked me up. Mom took it. It's Riggs by his Christmas present from her. Oh, our little Riggopatomous.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Christmas Photo Shoots

Excuse the step back in time for the next couples of posts - we just have a bunch of great pictures from the month and a half we were "in-transit."

Here is our little Santa Riggs and Santa Gunner photo shoot. They're going to love these pics someday, I'm sure. These top 4 just crack me up.

Here's just a couple of Riggsasorous Rex on his first Christmas.

Bearing midriff.

The dashing wedding out fit from Grammy.

Eating the hanger, of course.

Christmas Sunday with the cousins.

And the man we call "The Professor."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Little Rooster

So, for some reason Rigdon's hair looks like a Rooster. The back always goes up and the front always falls down with a slight curl to his left. It's still cute though.

Then there's this little Rooster and his bottle. Back in December we painfully figured out Riggs wasn't getting enough food. Thus, the bottle supplementing began. I just think it's the cutest thing when he's holding his little bottle.

Then there's his bottle formation, it's so darn cute too....see below...