Monday, December 12, 2011

It's All Downhill From Here Folks....

Uuuuh, yeah, right. It's all awesomeness from here folks. And by here, I mean 30. Yeah, who would have thought, I turned 30:) And I got to be honest, I've never felt so good. I keep joking with my spring chick of a husband that it's all downhill from 30, but frankly, I couldn't disagree more with my joking self. Life truly does just keep getting better.

To begin, my hunk of a husband, just keeps getting hunkier (and by hunkier, I definitely do not mean chunkier, he is turning into a lean muscle mass machine!)

I couldn't have asked for 2 more different, sweet, fun, and beautiful children.

Our temporal blessings make life wonderfully comfortable an enjoyable. Everything from a home to live in to practically 365 days of sunshine in this wonderful state. It's not possible to get depressed with that kind of weather.

I feel great physically. No hip replacements, yet. Although....I sure complain about my back a lot.

I really feel amazed and humbled by my view from 30. Life is good and always getting better!

For the big 3-0, my hubby granted me my wish and sent me to wonderful Minnesota to hang with my sisters and a handful of my nieces and nephews. It was a great break and good opportunity for dad to get some Riggs time and me to get some Mere time.

Here we are braving the elements, and by elements I mean inside the MN airport.

This trip made having one kid seem so easy. Why was that so not the case when we actually had one kid?? Hmmm.

Our pre-church photoshoot.

Look at all of that chubby goodness. Mere loved all the attention she got from her cousins.

Mere the Older with Mere the Younger.

Again, taking the opportunity to sport our sweaters and beanies.

It truly was an excellent trip, now I just need to make it happen every year!!

On my actual birthday I tried to get a picture with my son. It was impossible. This was the best I got.

That night Trevor took me to dinner and low and behold an entire group of my friends were there. He really pulled a fast one on me. It was a fantastic collection of my favorite people. It was also a fantastic collection of my favorite food, TX Roadhouse. I think I ate a roll for each year of my life.

Not pictured below, because I think he's hiding on purpose, is Garrick. Laura M. is also only half in photo. Our waitress did the best she could. These guys really made my night. They also make up most of my life out here in Florida, and for that I'm very grateful!

Oh yeah, and this is just to show that we still got "it."

-Signed, The Newlyweds

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zie Pumpkeen Patch

Family day at the pumpkin patch. And a great day it was. Riggs and Meredith did that pumpkin patch like it ain't no thang. Makin' mama proud.

It's the best we could do you know...

(Don't you just love Riggs in a hat? I do.)

This is just video of Riggs walking. Something about it you know. Makes me smile.

Some Randomness for Anyone that Cares

But even if no one cares, google so wonderfully stores my photos and this blog journals our family's adventures, so HA, there is a purpose!

We've got a nice outdoor mall in our area that does these weekly reading or music or random activities. On this particular week they had the crocodile man in town, so Riggs thought he'd get to know our neighbors....

It was also Firemen day.

And every week they have a bounce house set-up...which is really why we go to these things. At this point, Riggs was in the bounce house for the 2nd time and Mere and Dallas were just playing it cool, as usual.

On the way home from this job here is done folks. Check and check.

We finagled a couple more pool days at the end of September, but the water has begun to get a little too cool I'm afraid. We lived it up while we could. The weather is still perfect pool weather, but people in Florida don't invest in heaters for their pools, fof.

Dad and Riggs also got a couple pool dates in. You can see they were getting some great use out of our new indestructible camera that Grandma and Grandpa Winn got us.

Then there's the fact that my little kiddos are getting big way too fast. Riggs' mullet was getting way to big too fast also, but it was awesome. I tried to capture it a few times before I chopped it off.

Finally, I'll leave you with a few pics.

Riggs loves his heels.

What you talkin' bout Willis?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Visit from Grandma Pammy Jane

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Grandma Pammy Jane a couple of weeks ago. The kids and I loved it! (Trevor was out of town for most of it...thus, how I finagled her to come visit). Luckily, it was SWAPTember with our annual zoo pass, so we got to hit up some other fun places for free. Awaaahoo.

First, we took a trip to the Tampa Aquarium. It's a great aquarium, topped off with a big splash pad type place. In the video below, you can see Riggs sprinting to go on one of their little slides again. He literally went down it about 20 times. And as you'll see, he moved VERY quickly between slide sessions.

Gratefully, Grandma's think to take pictures of their grandchildren. Thus, I got a lot of great photos of the kiddos, which was much needed.

We also hit up MOSI (basically OMSI, for those Oregonians). Riggs ran us through the exhibits pretty quick, but still managed to have a great time.

The beginning of his mullet.

Enthralled by the wildfire exhibit.

Probably my favorite day was the evening we went down to St. Pete beach. The weather was perfect, and the sunset was beautiful. We also had some pretty killer deserts and onion rings to top it off.

If you look closely, you can see Trevor, Riggs, and Grandma out riding the....waves....or just floating.

Just a few other pics from the trip.

Oh, and yeah, mom and I both stayed up until well after midnight to watch the implosion of BYU vs. the "Yewts." Ugh, don't the cougars know a mother's sleep is very precious? How dare they make me waste it like that! Even after I dress my kids up for game day!!