Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Visit from Grandma Pammy Jane

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Grandma Pammy Jane a couple of weeks ago. The kids and I loved it! (Trevor was out of town for most of it...thus, how I finagled her to come visit). Luckily, it was SWAPTember with our annual zoo pass, so we got to hit up some other fun places for free. Awaaahoo.

First, we took a trip to the Tampa Aquarium. It's a great aquarium, topped off with a big splash pad type place. In the video below, you can see Riggs sprinting to go on one of their little slides again. He literally went down it about 20 times. And as you'll see, he moved VERY quickly between slide sessions.

Gratefully, Grandma's think to take pictures of their grandchildren. Thus, I got a lot of great photos of the kiddos, which was much needed.

We also hit up MOSI (basically OMSI, for those Oregonians). Riggs ran us through the exhibits pretty quick, but still managed to have a great time.

The beginning of his mullet.

Enthralled by the wildfire exhibit.

Probably my favorite day was the evening we went down to St. Pete beach. The weather was perfect, and the sunset was beautiful. We also had some pretty killer deserts and onion rings to top it off.

If you look closely, you can see Trevor, Riggs, and Grandma out riding the....waves....or just floating.

Just a few other pics from the trip.

Oh, and yeah, mom and I both stayed up until well after midnight to watch the implosion of BYU vs. the "Yewts." Ugh, don't the cougars know a mother's sleep is very precious? How dare they make me waste it like that! Even after I dress my kids up for game day!!


eliza said...

Aren't grandmas the best? Also, I see that you decided on the city mini double. That's what I have as well. How are you liking it? Now that Lisa is 3, I don't use it nearly as much since she wants to walk most of the time, so I drive around with 2 strollers in the back of my car. Crazy, I know. But I still love that the city mini pushes like a dream, so I use it to pick her up from preschool when she's too tired to walk. Hope you're enjoying yours as well!

Ashley and Mikkel said...

3 things...

1. i totally miss you guys.
2. your kids are freaking cute.
3. you look amazing in your swimsuit!

love you guys!