Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Visit Home

We got to spend a couple weeks in Oregon during July, visiting family, having fun, and getting relief from the Florida heat. It was a great visit, filled with quite a few special events.

First, we got to go to Klamath Falls, OR where Illa hosted her family reunion. All I have to say is, what kid is lucky enough to get a great grandma that teaches him to jump on the bed??? Riggs sure thought it was great.

While there, we stopped by Crater Lake (I had never been, sad I know). And when I say "stopped by," I mean it. We drove there, stopped, got out of the car, took a picture and left. I suppose that's how things work now with 2 kids?

We then headed north from Klamath Falls, to stop at Smith Rock where Trevor joined the 13.1 club, for the second time. We were all very proud of Dad, because from what I could see nothing about that would be enjoyable, besides the free breakfast burrito after you finish.

A fun treat over the race weekend was getting to stay with Deanna (THANK YOU!!). The kids loved her, as pictured below, while Trevor and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit with her.

We then took advantage of so much of our family being in one place at the same time, that we blessed Meredith in mine and Trevor's home ward. She was definitely the star, with a lot of fans!

Time with both Grandma's on the big day.

Of course, there were congratulatory hugs all around for the big brother.

A little great grandpa time on the big blessing day.

Finally, Riggs turned 2 and what better way to celebrate than with the family! Thus, we took it to "Turner Ranch" and had quite the partay!

Complete with the very chocolatey cake.


Pinata candy (Riggs, obviously had a preference for which pieces he picked up).

The home-made waterslide that may or may not have hurt very badly on such hard ground.

Many cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma's, grandpa's, great grandma's, and great grandpa's....oh, and sisters!

And just a few random pics for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Aunt Mere and others...

(For some reason I feel like this could be a billboard for cigarettes or something...just a vibe I suppose)


OnCallMom said...

You guys sure make adorable babies. And you do not look like you recently had one! What's your secret?? :)

Adrienne said...

Love that little Mere. And that handsome Riggs. I especially like that plaid tie he was sporting. Wish we could have been there for all the celebrating.

Adrienne said...

P.S. You do look fantastic and I know you are probably looking even better by now at the rate you're going.

JasPam said...

Thanks for making the long trek out West, all you Winns. We loved having you in the area and look forward to many more good times ahead. The Turner Ranch 2nd Birthday for Riggs was a particularly memorable time!