Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm bored. . .

For those that know me, they might understand that I don't like to be bored...well, maybe it's not bored so much as, when I know someone's there that could be entertaining me, I get bored waiting for them to...wake up, if that's the case, I just want to you what they're doing you know?
Right now I am very pleased with myself because I'm kind of looking for something to do....Trevor's taking a nap....and I DIDN'T go wake him up. I did something constructive like, created a blog. A mini-victory for me. This however, is the acception to the rule, if you will.

I have captured what "normal" Lesley usually chooses to do when needing someone to help entertain her. I always wait just as long as I can....

As you can see it's a full-time job....being the poor victim of my occassional short attention span. Let's just say it's a real dream for Trevor to wake up to my click, click, clicking. What a good, patient husband.

The beginning....

Well, this past week has been the beginning of two major events for Trevor, my now husband (whoa), and myself.

1) We began our lives together as husband and wife.


2) We began a blog together as husband and wife. (Well, Trevor had actually already created a website for us, but I couldn't ever figure out how to update it, so now we're here).

One beginning is slightly more eternal in nature than the other, but both are of great importance and will be treated as such.

Our marriage began July 21, so now let our blessed blog begin on this, the day of July 28.