Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Day of School, Ever

And I'll tell you what.  This kid loves his "pre-pre-school" more than possibly anyone I've ever mothered.  Some might think of this as a sad day, but it has been so wonderful for both mama and son.  Riggs is a little socialite.  And mom loves getting some just Mere time.  

And....I'm not sure what he'd turn into if he didn't go because I certainly don't have the capacity to think of the things I should be teaching him.  

He'll never tell me what he does during school, besides "play".  But then there are those random moments when he says, "Mom, do you know what number you should call in an emergency?"  "Number-one-one."  Close little buddy, close. 

And then he goes one...."Mom, should you take your favorite toy with you when your house is on fire?"  And before I can take a breath to respons, he says, "Nooooooo."  "Do you take your pet?" (That we don't have).  "Noooooo."  

You should hear him explain when you say "no, thank you" and "yes, please."  It's a real doozy.  And about the cutest thing you'll ever hear.  Oh, and did I mention he's the cutest "pre-pre-school" Riggs that has ever existed.  Because he is.

 You know he loves it when he asks on his first week off of school if he can go to Ms. Nina's tomorrow.  #whooped

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life

Isn't this how mothers usually feel?  

Just like you're somewhere under everything else.  Getting a bit smashed.

Like one kid is cramming their fingers down your throat, while you're trying to juggle the other with your feet. Literally.  Oh, and all three of you are hot, sweaty, stinky messes.  

At least that's how I usually feel.  

A lot of this action...

And this action...

And especially a lot of this action...

Motherhood just seems to be so all-consuming.  

And Daddyhood is just so easy, right?

Captain awesome.

Movie slumber parties on the tramp.

Chasing wild animals.

Decorating crazy cookies.

Just full of fun, fun, fun with Dad.

But that's just it.  Dad's are seriously awesome.  And I'm soooo thankful for my kids' awesome Dad that  is so eager to play with them.  Entertain them.  Give their mom a break. 

So that I can return to my job happy, resfreshed.  

Full of this action....    

And this sweetness.

Most difficult job I've had.  If you call it a job. #nothin'better #dreamjob

PS.  Thought Rigg's first CTR coloring was worth capturing. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

The United States' Most Beautiful Beach...

....at least compared to the about 5 other ones I've been too.  Ft. Walton Beach.  Basically, the panhandle though.  After going, I wonder why it doesn't get more pub and more vacationers, but assume it's because people assume the good beaches are better in southern Florida?  Or the airport is a small one and thus more expensive?  Pretty much the only people there were from Florida, LA, AL, GA, or somewhere drive-able in the midwest. It's a shame peeps.  The water was perfect.  The sand was perfect.  Only the weather was not, but it was kind of a nice break for us Floridians....only rough part was being stuck in a hotel room for most of it.

We once again tagged along on one of Trevor's work trips.  It was the last week before school started for Riggs.  Why not take the 7 hour jaunt up north huh?  Again, besides the large amounts of rain, we had a great time.

It's so much easier to go to the beach with Dad, than without.  Everything is just better with Dad, huh?

 Honestly, only like 5 specs of anything other than white.  

The dark, scary skies sure made for some great pictures.  And was a nice reprieve from the sun.


Obviously, the picture on the right is so stunning of just me, I had to include it.  Or the freakishly amazing sky.  It was totally cra cray!

The hotel we stayed at had a big pool with a huge waterfall and grato, which Riggs loved to swim in.  Especially with Dad.  Especially at night.  They also had a heated big pool, a kiddie pool, and a splash pad.  Also being it was on the beach, there was plenty to do without leaving the hotel.

This was the trip Sis really decided to love the water.  She would have stayed in it all day, if the weather had allowed.

Riggs really found himself photographically this trip.  I had to delete soooo many pictures.

 Oh, and then there was the Super Chinese Buffet.  Yes, that was really the name.  And that is really a picture of a duck on the outside of the restaurant.  Trevor loves eating really weird and gross places, so I gave him all his hopes and dreams this trip.  

Here's to hoping we can do the panhandle again soon!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Uno, dos...

We've been in Oregon over Riggs' last two birthdays and for this one I was sure we weren't going to do anything.  I figured this time he may want a party with his little buddies in Florida.  Well, as the big day approached, it became very clear that Riggs would be happy as pie if he could celebrate his birthday with all his cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles every year.  Thus, the day before, literally, we started throwing together a party.  I hate to be cliche, but the kid is into super heros these days, so that's what we did.  Maybe more of a "home-made" super hero theme, but super heros none the less.

Some good ol' window paint, some streamers and construction paper.  Waalaa!

21 masks.  Felt from Ilynn's craft room.  Elastic from Ilynn's craft room.  Cutting by Savannah.

21 capes.  Fabric from Ilynn's craft room.  Bias tape from Elna.  Tracing, sewing, and cutting by Adge, Pammy, Savs, and Abs.  All. Night. Long.

Cake from Albertson's.  Cake toppers by Grandma Pammy.

You know when "they" "get it."  Yeah, well, it was this birthday that "he" "got it."  The presents, the cake, the presents, the games, the cake, the presents.  

He (we) really are lucky.  For the past 2 July's we've all been in Oregon, with a good chunk of other family members too.  We don't get to celebrate many holidays or birthdays with family, so maybe that's why it always seems so good when we do!  Riggs LOVES his family.  They are his best friends.  And I couldn't be happier with that.  Here are all the super heros he got to celebrate with...I really wish we would have thought to take a picture of every one by themselves....ohhhh the coulda shoulda woulda....


This is a marvelous photo.

These were both such great pictures.  Her just staring at Uncle Riley.  Not many can pull that off.



And this photo.  Oh, this photo.  If I had to create a top 10 best photos of my lifetime, it's surely in the top of the top 10.  I mean, it includes so much of our family and we're ALL wearing masks and capes.  And posing.  #awesomeness #lovemyfamily

Until birthday #4.