Monday, September 10, 2012

The United States' Most Beautiful Beach... least compared to the about 5 other ones I've been too.  Ft. Walton Beach.  Basically, the panhandle though.  After going, I wonder why it doesn't get more pub and more vacationers, but assume it's because people assume the good beaches are better in southern Florida?  Or the airport is a small one and thus more expensive?  Pretty much the only people there were from Florida, LA, AL, GA, or somewhere drive-able in the midwest. It's a shame peeps.  The water was perfect.  The sand was perfect.  Only the weather was not, but it was kind of a nice break for us Floridians....only rough part was being stuck in a hotel room for most of it.

We once again tagged along on one of Trevor's work trips.  It was the last week before school started for Riggs.  Why not take the 7 hour jaunt up north huh?  Again, besides the large amounts of rain, we had a great time.

It's so much easier to go to the beach with Dad, than without.  Everything is just better with Dad, huh?

 Honestly, only like 5 specs of anything other than white.  

The dark, scary skies sure made for some great pictures.  And was a nice reprieve from the sun.


Obviously, the picture on the right is so stunning of just me, I had to include it.  Or the freakishly amazing sky.  It was totally cra cray!

The hotel we stayed at had a big pool with a huge waterfall and grato, which Riggs loved to swim in.  Especially with Dad.  Especially at night.  They also had a heated big pool, a kiddie pool, and a splash pad.  Also being it was on the beach, there was plenty to do without leaving the hotel.

This was the trip Sis really decided to love the water.  She would have stayed in it all day, if the weather had allowed.

Riggs really found himself photographically this trip.  I had to delete soooo many pictures.

 Oh, and then there was the Super Chinese Buffet.  Yes, that was really the name.  And that is really a picture of a duck on the outside of the restaurant.  Trevor loves eating really weird and gross places, so I gave him all his hopes and dreams this trip.  

Here's to hoping we can do the panhandle again soon!

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Natalie said...

I love catching up with you guys via blogs - you all look great and seem like you are always doing something fun! We miss you guys (especially now that its BYU football season.) Let us know if you ever make it to Utah and we'll get together!