Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heber City, Utah

Ahhh, it was good to be back in a Utah summer.  Where the air is dry and you can just roll around in the grass knowing swarms of ants won't eat you alive.  Oh, the days....

The entire family made it to UT to give our kids plenty of cousin time.  And cousin time is marvelous.  I must say the champs of the reunion for Abs and Savs.  They are by far the oldest cousins and could easily get down about the situation, but instead are happy to hang with all the adults or entertain all the youngens'.  All the little cousins love Abbysavy, as Riggs calls them.  And here they are...all grown up.

Crazy cousins

Uncle Brandon, our family hide and seek specialist.

Popsicle Hil..

This is a great pic.

Oh, but then I notice Jocey in this pic.  It wins. (Yes, that's her in the back looking at the trees)

He's no longer allowed to roll the one eye back into his head.

A day of alpine sliding.

Our camera on the ground 4th of July family pic.

Check out Abs and Savs.  Can't top that pose.

PS. For any of our readers that remember Ev from ages about 3 - 9, check out Riggs.  He's paying homage - over-sized hat and shades.

The Winn's went real patriotic this year.  

The family reunion hosts.

Park time.

Catching grapes.

Nash potatoes.  Catchy, I know.

Seriously pounding Winter pazookies.

Watching the fireworks show.

Sadly, these are my only photos from our Provo stops.  Let's just say Riggs is definitely on the BYU bandwagon after this trip.  We just let him buy tons of candy on the bookstore, you know, to give him fond memories.  Now, we've got a diehard, which is exactly what was in our plans.  Oh, and Burger Supreme blackberry milkshakes.  Perfection.  And that's coming from a non-ice cream, non milkshake person.

Until next time folks....

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