Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just 1 short year ago...

...I was getting married! To Trevor! Sometimes it's still unbelievable to think about how it all worked out. We probably talk about it everyday - how thankful we are to have ended up with each other after all we put each other through (and yes, when I say that I know everyone's likely thinking that means mainly what I put him through). Nonetheless, we've had a wonderful first year of marriage. I often ask Trevor what couples do if they don't play golf and tennis, but alas, I'm sure I'll find that out soon enough when we're too old and large to maybe around our 2nd anniversary:)

Here's a brief video of what my sweet husband secretly planned for our first anniversary. He always out-does himself, but this was really out-doing himself. He's so good to me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There are Wakeborders...and then there are the Winn's

The Server's were so great to take a handful of us out on their boat Monday night. Trevor and I had a great time - it was great company, great food (thanks Bridgette), great weather, great water, and a great boat. Couldn't ask for more. Well, accept to maybe get up on the board that everyone else had. Such a simple task. "Just drive your heels Lesley" and "It's just a feel thing Trevor." As Trevor's face shows in the below picture, it was just tough to even comprehend our lack of competence when it came to this activity.

But the again, Trevor and I knew going into it, the Winn's just aren't "board people." We knew we weren't, but got sucked into thinking "maybe this time" (well, Trevor just got forced to do it, I don't think he ever thought there was a chance). It felt good trying though. Well, two days later my back just hurts, but on that day it felt good trying :)

Here are some photos of the REAL WAKEBOARDERS, SURFERS, AND SLALOMERS. Just pop right up on the water, whatever kind of board, first time. Ain't no thang. They were all so professional, really. Very impressive guys.

Couldn't not post the priceless crash pics...
Click here to see video footage of the crashes on the Blacks' blog.

Trevor's escapades...

Now you see him, now you don't.

For some reason there weren't a lot of pictures of me crashing, and trust me, it happened many many times. Trevor just did't believe their photographic quality was high enough to keep, so I never even got to see them. So, don't think it was just Trevor that drank half the lake. Plus, somehow I got stuck by a dead fish floating on the water and since I couldn't ever get up, I could never get away from it. Dead fish = nasty.

But for the record, I managed to squeak up one time. It wasn't for long and right when I fell all I could think about was how there's no way I could do that again. It was fun while it last though! I'm having bit of an itch to try it again actually. I want to become one of those board people!

Are those my feet on the board!?...............Classic focus face

It was a really fun activity for a Monday evening. Even baby Jacob seemed to enjoy it...