Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Day of School, Ever

And I'll tell you what.  This kid loves his "pre-pre-school" more than possibly anyone I've ever mothered.  Some might think of this as a sad day, but it has been so wonderful for both mama and son.  Riggs is a little socialite.  And mom loves getting some just Mere time.  

And....I'm not sure what he'd turn into if he didn't go because I certainly don't have the capacity to think of the things I should be teaching him.  

He'll never tell me what he does during school, besides "play".  But then there are those random moments when he says, "Mom, do you know what number you should call in an emergency?"  "Number-one-one."  Close little buddy, close. 

And then he goes one...."Mom, should you take your favorite toy with you when your house is on fire?"  And before I can take a breath to respons, he says, "Nooooooo."  "Do you take your pet?" (That we don't have).  "Noooooo."  

You should hear him explain when you say "no, thank you" and "yes, please."  It's a real doozy.  And about the cutest thing you'll ever hear.  Oh, and did I mention he's the cutest "pre-pre-school" Riggs that has ever existed.  Because he is.

 You know he loves it when he asks on his first week off of school if he can go to Ms. Nina's tomorrow.  #whooped

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Lisa Michelle said...

Les, he is SOOOO cute. Definitely the cutest Riggs that ever existed!