Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Christmas Photo Shoots

Excuse the step back in time for the next couples of posts - we just have a bunch of great pictures from the month and a half we were "in-transit."

Here is our little Santa Riggs and Santa Gunner photo shoot. They're going to love these pics someday, I'm sure. These top 4 just crack me up.

Here's just a couple of Riggsasorous Rex on his first Christmas.

Bearing midriff.

The dashing wedding out fit from Grammy.

Eating the hanger, of course.

Christmas Sunday with the cousins.

And the man we call "The Professor."


The Winns said...

The professor, how cute. Love the pictures, keep 'em coming.

Mere said...

I can't believe how little Gunner is in these pictures. Can't wait to see the Professor!