Thursday, October 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day Triathlon Festivites were as follows:

1) Ping Pong (of which Trevor got his first win over Evan, I on the other had have had many:)

2) Darts (the second stage of our triathlon)

3) KersCHnippets
(some, namely Trevor, call it Kersnippets), the final stage.

Meet our game faces....

Meredith Anne (Evan trying to cheat)

Evan Richard

Whitney Lynne

Lesley Jean

Brandon Gary

(photos courtesy of Trevor Boyd, who's game face is not revealed)

1 comment:

Ev & Whit said...

I know it can be FOF when people just skip over a post. I loved the game faces. I also like the hair cut you gave me back then Les, think you could do that again when we see you in 3 fridays? Your family is missed more then warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.