Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Tribute to Adge on her Birthday

So all you fans of Adrienne Sarah...It is her birthday on Saturday, October 13th. I've posted just a few classic "Adge" photos in honor of her day of birth....

Call to action all blog readers or anyone that reads Adge's blog and happens to click on our link:

Leave a "comment" on this post that is just a little note to Adge, or a memory/story about Adge, or words of advice for Adge...she's still a little spring chick.


Ev & Whit said...

Oh, how tender... what great sisterly love. Sure is great to have such nice sister-in-laws. I remember when I first met you all I was a bit intimidated :).

The Smith Family said...

Love the tribute to your sis. How sweet you are! Is Adge going to be 29???? Hugs from the Smiths!

Lisa Michelle said...

So are we supposed to post the Tribute Comment on your blog or Adge's? How about both?! Ok, so here's a memory (or a few) that I have about the world's best Adrienne:
1) The Carhead Cafe that we created every summer our families got together in Albany. Those were the days!!
2) Adrienne taught me to love cheese. I credit every bit of my obsession with cheese to her. She also taught me to put brown sugar on top of muffins just before you take them out of the oven. That girl knows how to make things taste GOOD!
3) She saved my behind when we took Accounting at the same time - what, oh what, would I have done in there without her??
4) oh there are so many!!! Barbie doll fashion shows, spying on Marci and Les, shopping at the mall, and all things Sun River.
Happy Birthday, Adrienne (in 2 days)!!! Lotsa birthday luvin from us to you! In the words of Lindsey Moorhead, "We is loving." Translation = We love you!

Meredith & Brandon said...

Adge (via Les and Trevor's blog)
Happy Birthday!!! I wish we could be there to party with you guys this weekend! Hopefully Steve and the girls have something fabulous planned.
One memory that came to mind...
When Mom and Dad went to Paris to take care of Dow's kids I got very "mommy-sick" and had a bit of an emotional melt-down one morning before school. I think I was about 7 and was lucky to have such a loving and supportive older sister there that morning to comfort me. Thanks for everything Adge!!
love, Mere

Ev & Whit said...

Well Adge, as the inventor of the official title ADGE I feel I must humbly submit my love unto you. Many do not know this but Adge you have been my inspiration behind so many things (to name a few): FOF, thigh wigh, the mini van love. My memory of Adge is when we were cruising in the silver bullet at Deerfield Park when Adge was 15/16 and instead of hitting the break to make her 180 degree turn around the tree, she hit the gas, and I swear the bullet only had 2 wheels on the ground, Oh, let the good times roll you Finance master! -Ev

Tom & Rachel said...

Adrienne, there are so many things that I think are amazing about you. You are such a FUN sister-in-law, you are the cutest and most creative mom, you're beautiful, you're a great example of organization, and I love our silly similarities (ie. "water snobs", pickiness about towels in certain locations :) ). My favorite memory with you was our talk in the car on our way to the Oregon coast and back this past summer. Happy Birthday!


P.S. Hi Lesley & Trevor. Lesley I don't know if you remember meeting me forever ago when Tom and I were dating, but hi again. And hi to you as well Trevor who I've never met, but you seem pretty cool from your blog. :)

The Smith Family said...

You are the blogging princess! Thanks for the great instructional how-to guide! Check out my organized blog. :)

MwH said...

Happy Happy Birthday! A little late :).