Friday, August 17, 2007

Time for a New Blog...

Trevor and I both felt it was time to get a new blog much as we liked the Harry honeymoon one. So, until we develop our next masterpiece, here's a little filler fun.

Let's just say there was some frustration that set-in when we found out our convertible PT cruise got down graded to a red, convertible Mustang. We love the PT Cruiser, it just has that cool factor you can't buy with a mustang.

Those snow cones are as good as everyone in the whole universe who goes there says they are. do none of those millions of people who go there not notice the shaved ice store 50 feet away that doesn't have the eternity long lines? I'm here to say, they produce the exact same product. Tested and Lesley approved. Don't wait in the line anymore people.

(Turtles were all over the beach our backyard went out to)

Turtle 1

Turtle 2

Turtle 3

Turtle 4

The 2 turtles playing together (illegal by the way, touching turtles).

The gymnast in our family.

The rainbow state.

Right outside our house.

We were just doing a little "tracking" (I've been reading Twilight). See the attached link (photo on very bottom of blog).

The Luau.

A little body surfing. The experience made me appreciate fresh water.

The dole plantation.

Who knew pineapples grew from the ground? Possibly embarrassing for me to admit, oh well.

Just a little wound from getting in the naysche mustang. (left corner of the eye, if you can't see it) It hurt so much worse than it looks. It's still painful.


Allison said...

Love the pics..especially that one with you in that little number on the beach Les. ;) wink, wink! Seriously though, I enjoyed seeing Hawaii. Great pics w/ the turtles.

Darla said...

as i was informed that comments on the blog are appreciated, i would like to say that (although i have enjoyed the entire lesleytrevor blog immensely) this particular one was my favorite... i felt it showed not only the photography skills of one, lesley winn, but also provided a rather graphic example of why trevor should never do cartwheels. (i also laughed really hard at the turtle pictures.)

Becky O. said...

I swear we went to that exact same snow cone place! These pictures are awesome. I love the turtles.

Yo Yo Sammy said...

Congrats on the wedding. I think it is funny about the pineapple, and you would be surprised at how many people think it grows on trees. When you want to play tennis, You and Trevor let me and my partner know.