Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Girls and A Little Man

My sweet hubby surprised me with a plane ticket to tropical Minnesota for Valentine's Day. We were both so pumped despite the irony of leaving Florida in the winter to go to Minnesota....we'll have to work on swapping travel plans in the future. But anyhoo, Riggs sure had a blast watching 3 of his older girl cousins work. Those Bjorkman girls are sure entertaining...Little Baby Boy Bjork is going to have a blast. Can't wait to see the Bjork's and their new little brother....hopefully soon!

Jocy sure was helpful with Riggs. She showed up to help me put him down for naps (mainly focused on turning out the lights), when I was changing his diaper to check out the "boy bottom," while he was eating....just anytime she could be of assistance. Riggs and I both appreciated it. These two had a lot of time together....aren't they so cute and Adge offered some great "break" times!

We were very lucky to get to see all the girls in their gymnastics classes. They looked like olympians to me.

Abs and Savs were working on a few of their dance routines while we were there also. I tried to give them a few pointers from my extensive dance history, they'll take 'em if they know what's good for them.

Then, of course, a few formal shoots.

Thanks Bjorks for the dream of a trip!

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JasPam said...

Your photography skills continue to amaze me. I was so thrilled when I went to shut down our computer last night, but made a quick blog check, and found these awesome pictures of our children and grandchildren!