Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Timp Caves

While Brad and his family and Evan were in town for Rigdon's blessing, we decided to trek on up to Timp Caves. We didn't realize the hike was a couple miles and nothing but switchbacks, but we took our time and it wasn't bad. The view from up there was unbelievable and the cave was pretty cool too.

Here are a few pics of our adventure.

These first few were taken on the way up when we still had energy.

Cam had to be carried on the way down. Signing the guest book. And no, I didn't gain that much weight, that's Rigdon under my sweatshirt. Made for some tight fits in the cave.

At the top of the hike and waiting to enter the actual cave.

The Chime Chamber. The love birds.

Me and the Mrs. and Riggs. Me and Kaya and Cameron.

If you have a chance before winter sets in, head up American Fork Canyon and check out Timp Caves. It's worth it.


Evan said...

great entertaining hike. I noticed you didn't mention the festivities after the hike.

The Winns said...

The hike was great, I'm glad we went. Now we can all say we did it. And I think Cameron falling out of the tree added just enough excitement to keep things interesting. :)