Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Suzanne's Wedding...months ago...

Well, I just got around to going through our photos and realized I never gave Suz the pictures I took at her wedding...in March. Thus, here you go Suz, a few more of what I'm sure are hundreds of wedding pictures. It was a beautiful ceremony, a beautiful couple, a beautiful reception, in a beautiful city. Can't wait to see the Uhn's soon...hopefully.

The Couple

The Bride

The Friends & Family

Prepping for the Big Day

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Suzanne said...

Hey Les-
Thanks for the great pics! What fun memories--you captured some great ones. I can't wait to show Thai. Thank you so much for coming and for the fun memories! What a great time..we hope to see you and your little family soon...I can't watit to get my hands on that little Riggs! The Briggs will love the Riggs! Miss you, my friend! Suz