Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Showers

So we had two marvelous baby showers for the Lil' Riglet. Here's the pics and the low down on Riggs' Utah shower:

1) It was back in April when I was still pregnant and large (as seen in pics below)
2) Meredith did a wonderful job of planning it (with the help of Mom and Adrienne, who happened to be in town for Mere's graduation, as well as the dream of a party planner, Marci - see mini cupcakes below)
3) About all of my favorite people in this dear state came and it was so great to see them! They just put a huge smile on my face and got very generous gifts for little Riggs. Everyone was so kind, thank you!.
4) The bulk of the photos from this event were not on my camera, so many attendees are not represented with the photos below. I'll get the pictures soon and post at a later date.

Here's the pics and the low down on Riggs' Oregon shower (I already did a brief highlight of this event, but then came across more pictures):

1) It was back in August, after Riggs (as seen in pics below) was born
2) Ilynn, Mom, and Joy did a wonderful job of planning it amidst a very busy weekend
3) We got to see many of our dear friends that we don't get to see nearly often enough! It was so enjoyable just spending time visiting with those we have many fond memories with. They too were also very generous, giving Riggs many adorable outfits, toys, blankets, and more. Thank you all!
4) We didn't have a delegated photographer for this event, but between Pammy and Sarah Foster, we were able to capture quite a bit. Thanks you two!

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JasPam said...

You've been busy catching up on your blog posts and I'm loving it! I need to get inspired to do so myself. Love the photos and loved the parties!