Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hiking the "Y"

Yes, I have the best job ever - hanging out with Rigsey every day, and with family when they're in mom and dad were at the end of September. We decided to go hike the "Y" and appeared to hit one of the last nice hiking days of the year.

Here's Dad at the base of the hike.

He was a trooper and carried Riggs up. It was Riggs' 3rd hike of his life, and he successfully slept through it too.

The view from after about switch back 1.

Starting to feel it at about switchback 5 or 6.

View from the top

Heading back down....

And finished.


Evan said...

Can't wait until Big Riggs can come hike the Ozarks with C2 and his little couz, Hershe!

Whitney said...

Les... now did you really have to set the bar so high with all these hikes? Now when I use the 'I just had a baby, I can't do anything adventurous' excuse, it just won't do!

JasPam said...

I give credit to Les for helping me make it up the mountain! She's an awesome coach, and I needed it to survive almost a 1000-foot incline with several hair pin turns. Although a BYU grad, I had never "climbed the Y", but now I have!

The Smith Family said...

Always keeping those parents active! You crack me up. Baby Rigs is a gorgeous baby! You guys did good.