Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get Well Soon Bossman!

For those that don't know, my Dad, aka- "Bossman", "Darc", "Darcenio", had open heart surgery last week. He'd had a series of minor heart attacks over the last month (if you ask him he'll just call them "episodes") and finally went to the doctor. While hooked up to the monitors at the doctor's office he had another little one. They immediately took him to the hospital to do more tests and make sure he was stable, and a few days later on Tuesday, he had a double bypass in Salem.

Long story short, he's doing well. The surgery went well and so did the in-hospital recovery. I spent most of last week there with him and my mom and he made great progress each day. The doctors and staff up there in Salem are top-notch.

He went home yesterday and now the in-home recovery begins. It'll be a long road for sure, but we're so grateful that he's still with us and that lil' Riggs will have his grandpa around for a long, long time. We love you!

And Dad, I know you haven't met more than one or two of these guys, but my flag football team had a game while I was in Albany and they dedicated their win to you! Get well soon!

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Tifferbob said...

Holy Cow, I'm glad your dad is okay. Let him know we are pullin' for him.