Friday, March 28, 2008

Tagged....and finally responding!

10 Years Ago...

...I was 16. Wow. I was a sophomore in high school. Had just earned my driver's license. Somehow suckered ma and paps into letting me drive to Portland with Lindsay Shumaker (now Hart) to go to my first concert - Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn. It was a dream. I believe it was also my favorite year of high school basketball. We made the state tournament for the first time in school history - lost our 2nd game in on a horrid call by some ref that turns out to be a sub from the other team's school (stupid LaGrande). It was a decade ago that I was also okay with wearing my hair entirely too long. I believe it fell to just above my rear end - my braid could give me a black eye during basketball or volleyball games. Oh, and I think I discovered hair dye back then too.

5 things on my to-do list today...

  1. Cross off anything I've accomplished on my to-do list - that's the best part of to-do lists.

  2. Likely start a new to-do list that falls under a different category of my life like - home decorating to-do list, or a books I want to read to-do list, or development of new talents to-do list, etc.

  3. Finish picking-up/cleaning the house before we take off for CA.

  4. Make some final calculations on the probability I have to win my work's March Madness pool.

  5. Tell Trevor somethings he needs to add to his to-do list:)

  6. A bonus #6 - Finishing up our surprise for Ev and Whit.

What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire...

I'd start by giving a chunk of it to BYU, so they can have competitive coaching salaries for their sporting programs. Then I'd buy a professional sports team and include just one stipulation in my contract with the general manager - that being, my husband is on the team and is guaranteed 1 minute of playing time each game. Then I'd pay off any debt we have.....and what the heck, any debt my entire family has, create a small fund of excess cash for Trevor to invest in his weird ideas so I am relieved of the stress that causes me, and use the rest to make this world a better place!!! Oh, maybe I'd give or buy myself a book deal too- I've always wanted to write a book.

Places I've lived...

In the heart of my husband for the past 20 years (he told me to put that).

Albany, Oregon

Provo, Utah,

Cedar Hills, Oregon

Salt Lake City, Utah

Draper Utah

Things most people don't know about me...

That I have an amazing husband (he told me to put that). I really dislike things that have a bad texture - dust, bananas, orange juice with pulp. I have one bowling and two go-cart trophies. I can't spell well. Once I beat Evan four times in a row in ping pong. I don't ever get surprised, although Trevor has done it many times on a very large scale (he told me to put that - the second part).


Meredith & Brandon said...

ha! what is the surprise for ev and whit? I would also support you in your book writing ventures.

Evan said...

Can I just say how pleased I was to see a new post! Nicely down Les, I remember yelling my head off at that ref back in 1998. You really have put together a great run. For the record about the 4 in a row, charity never faileith. I suppose now I will go do my "tag" since whit has been on me a lot about that.

Evan said...

I too hate orange juice with pulp... thank goodness for pulp free! Looks like we will be down for conference. I got 'media tickets' for all four sessions. One of the perks of I-News! Can't wait for the surprise!

Meredith & Brandon said...

Hilarious post! Since Trevor had so many words for you to put...I think it's his turn.

Ross said...

I think Trevor discovered hair dye 10 years ago as well. Or maybe he just had his hair bleached in that graduation picture I saw.

bajork12 said...

Now that I think about it, good texture is important to me in my food as well. I LOVE soft frozen yogurt/ice cream mainly because of the texture. And I, too, can't stand OJ with pulp.

I didn't know you always wanted to write a book.

Thanks for being such great hosts!


Evan said...

Just wanted to let you know, I navigated here from Caitlin's blog, congrats. By the way I am soooooooo ready for a new post. See you tomorrow.

bajork12 said...

Les, you might want to delete that comment of that person that you don't know above. I'll bet it's bad news if you click on that link.