Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Photography Blog

So, the sole purpose of this blog post is to tell everyone that we, meaning mainly Trevor and our friend Jason, have a blog dedicated to their new hobby of photography - Life Through the Lens.

I'd like to take a moment to not only encourage readership of this blog, but also call out a few folks whose work we would like to highlight as a guest post. Yes, that's right folks. This photography blog is a forum for all we know to highlight their work whether they're an aspiring photographer, professional, or nothing really (which would be where I fall).

Here are the first 3 folks we are "calling out" to give us photography posts that cover a day-in-the-life of-whatever-their-life-is, or just any pictures:) The first 2 have already been commissioned, the last has not.

1. Eliot.

2. Whitney.

3. Marci.

We look forward to seeing and sharing your work.


Ev & Whit said...

On behalf of Whit, challenge accepted. -Ev

Ev & Whit said...

I am honored. There were quite a few photo ops over the weekend in Missouri that I had to miss out on. I will be sure to capture Rexburg though.

bostonroms said...

Ahhh the pressure. ;) I'd love to. We're in sunny CA right now and I'll see what I can "capture" on film. I think you know way more than I do by now though...

Jeff and Brianne said...

Okay, this is the cutest blog ever! I love reading your stories. I am very disappointed we did not get to be a part of the Biggest Loser Couples Race because I would love it and certainly need it. That's awesome. Trevor in tights...hmm. Lesley, where the heck did you go for Valentine's Day?