Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Joshua Stark,

(This blog post is in response to this post )

As BYU's acting secondary approval committee, Trevor and I would like to give you your totally official acceptance to Brigham Young University.

The reasons to accept this acceptance are many, but the facts are few. Actually just one, Trevor has decided that we can have a baby if you come to Utah. Your wife is always so great with her not so inconspicuous encouragement to jump the baby wagon, so if you do indeed decide to come to Utah, we will honor your arrival with destiny - offspring that can play with your offspring.

There you have it. You know all of the other excellent reasons to take a couple year excursion to Utah.

We look forward to having a back-to-school barbecue with you guys come fall!

Rise and shout!

(ps. for anyone that might possibly take what I just wrote above as truth, may this be the disclaimer that it is not. It is returned sarcasm for my dear cousin.)
(pps. we would die to get the Stark's out here, that is not sarcasm. That would be heaven on earth.)


LauraJ said...

Now THAT is love - wow! How could anyone ignore an "invitation" like that?

Ev & Whit said...

So if we come down for the weekend ever does that also mean you will have a baby? Trevor- I am a little disappointed in you not commenting on the blog. We know you watched the video, yet no comment- that is just rude! *By the way, camera arrived! Let the photography begin! -whit

Lindsay & Josh said...

What makes this post even better is that almost daily Josh would come home from work and ask me, why hasn't Lesley commented...hasn't she seen the blog yet? Les, you did not let down. It was well worth the wait. I will have all you other readers know though that it's always hard to read Les and exactly where she's kidding and where she's not. Having the gift of reading Lesley like a book, I'll make it easy for you. She wasn't kidding in the blog, she was in her p.s. There you have it :)

MwH said...

Man, I was so excited thinking you were serious! When are you guys going to finally have kids -- my kids need some more cousins to dunk on. . . ;)