Monday, March 17, 2008

Blogger Newbs

So all my male college friends with the exception of one (Adam) had been very anti-blog for a very long time. They all ripped on me and Adam for getting sucked into a "woman's world of blogging." I say to all of you right here, right now.......Blogging is an equal opportunity experience. Men can, and should participate (Bajork I'm looking your way here). With that said, I've noticed a change over the last while. The guys read BYU Cougar Crazies during football season. They continue to read Adam's Sports Blog (just hit its 100th post by the way). And from time to time, they'd check out mine and Lesley's personal blog, or Adam and Becky's. With time they were looking at Life Through the Lens and even Project Domestication (don't act like you haven't guys).

And then, one by one, it started to happen................they started their own blogs. I'm proud of you guys for realizing the errors of your ways and joining us in the blogosphere. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Write with passion and precision and your readers will thank you.

Some of these are a little belated, but let me be the first to welcome..................
-Russ & Katie Nelson - kudos to Russ, he was the first non-Adam/Trevor to join. They've been around a while now, but are needing a new post.
-Dan Nelson - A single man's journey through BYU.
-Ross "Rock" Mitchell - by far the most anti-blog person I knew. Good local recommendations.
-Even Brett revived a previously dead blog. Check out the piece on Justin Lee.
-And the newest member to join (yesterday)......... Jeris & Suzanna Hobbs - who knew Jeris even knew how to write? Just kidding buddy. You alliterate with the best of them.

I just felt that someone had to welcome all these wonderful people to the world of blogging. If you only knew how much these guys were against blogs then you could understand what a landmark occasion this is. Think Saul to Paul here people. Gentlemen, I commend you for swallowing your pride, busting out the laptop, and going where bold men have gone before.


Ev & Whit said...

I need my friends to read this. Exact same situation, they are about 1 year behind your friends.

DTM said...

Yes, i am the single guy. But if everything goes according to my plan, i should have another blog by this time next year.

Ross said...

50% of new bloggers quit after the first month. I appreciate your support. And I appreciate you accepting statistics that I make up.

Mike said...

Adam said...

I was going to say, Trizz, you forgot Knip's blog.

A word of caution to the new bloggers: Right now, right after you begin a new blog, you will be tempted to let it fall by the wayside. It happened to Brett, and he's just now recovering. Don't let it happen to you!

Nourish it. Cultivate it. Don't let the sun burn it up when it sprouts. Don't let the weeds around you choke your precious blog. Let your blog flourish in goodly soil, and it will bring you joy.

I see a lot of potential in Ross' blog, for example, but I fear his ADD may get the best of him. Prove me wrong, Ross!

By the way, Dan's blog is probably the most underrated blog of all time. Dan, you lead a fascinating life my friend.

saltbox girl said...

L & T (not to be confused with that great eatery in the Cougareat). I'm anxious for March Madness posts. I assume they are coming, yes? That said, I love Life Through the Lens and the petition to the Starks. I second, third and fourth it - the baby, too!

Derrik said...

Your blog is always updated well it is just frustrating that there is never music playing!!??!! What is the deal with that? Any real blogger know's you have got to have music! Also the chinese joint looks freakin cash, we need to hit that up one of these nights.