Saturday, April 5, 2008


It's official......Brad and Mandy are the biggest losers in our family. Let me correct that......they are the Biggest Losers in our family. The final results are in from our weight loss competition and Brad and Mandy are the winners! In the first half of the competition it appeared that the battle was between the Bjorkmans and the Winns, but as the second half rolled along, Brad and Mandy just took over. Here is Brad's most recent "after" picture. His face hasn't quite slimmed out with the rest of his body just yet and his head got bigger too somehow.

So Brad and Mandy were the winners, but everyone did really well. As a group we lost 121 pounds. Brad and Mandy lost over 13% of their body weight, Lesley and I lost over 9%, and Steve and Adrienne over 8%. Since we're all proud of how well it went, our numbers are as follows:

Brad- 57 lbs.
Mandy- 9 lbs.
Trevor- 26 lbs.
Lesley- 11 lbs.
Steve- 20 lbs.
Adrienne- 11 lbs.

People had been asking how the competition went, so I thought I'd give the people what they want. All of the contestants are looking slimmer, and more importantly, feeling better. In time, there may be more weight lost. Rumor has it Brad is wanting to weight less than Andy when he comes home in August.

Brad and Mandy, your $50 is on its way.


Becky said...

That is really respectable...all of you! Congrats!

The Smith Family said...

Wow Brad that's impressive! :) Truly, everyone did great! Way to go guys!!

The Winns said...

Nice picture of Brad! It's amazing what a few months of hard work can do! I have to admit he really is the one who won this contest for us. Also I'm glad it's over I really need my chocolate. Good job eveyone!

The Winns said...
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