Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kidless, On the Company, and Maui.  Can you think of anything more relaxing and stress free?  Exactly.  Danke schon PRECOA.  And good work hubby for getting us there!

 I mainly just wanted to do nothing and soak in the quiet me time, but we did manage to do a few things.  We were staying at the Sheraton at Black Rock, which is one of the best places in Maui to snorkel, so yeah, we gobbled that right up.

We also did a zip line excursion.  Quite the deal

And a catamaran trip.  The company got a bunch of catamarans and took us to some cool cove to snorkel.  There were HUGE turtles everywhere.  It was probably my favorite thing of the trip.

Of course, puuuhhhlenty of pool time.  The pool water was a little cool for this Floridian's taste, but I don't need a pool to get sun!

Trevor won the "Who can hold your breath longest" contest.  Proud wife.  

No one thought he could do it.

But he definitely did it.

A portion of team Florida from the award's banquet.

Team Carlile/Winn from the award's banquet.  Matching matching green squared (movie quiz for anyone interested).

 Beach time.  It was the softest sand.  A beautiful tan color.  Very different from Florida beaches.

 Trevor participated in the rock jumping.  I did not, however.  Heights, not my thing.

 We also ate our fair share of wonderful food, including these suckers below.  Seriously though, I felt like I was always stuffed.  The entire trip.  That's a good feeling.  For a little while, at least. 

I know they were dealing with major room issues last minute...fitting everyone where they were suppose to go.  But, somehow we ended up with what I imagine is about the best one they have.  This was the view from our room.

It was truly beautiful.  He created an amazing world.

For those that can remember the engagement picture Trevor and I used...It basically looked exactly like this photo from the luau.  Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

The trip was seriously awesome.  Trevor works for a great company that gave us this great opportunity.    Uniquely PRECOA!


Adrienne said...

That does look exactly like your engagament photo. Pretty sure that is a great thing. Keep up the quality blogging.

Jason Carlile said...

Love the post. The way you do it is an art.


Cade said...

Wow. I am extremely jealous.

The Winns said...

That was a great trip, minus me still having some morning sickness! Great pictures, and it's great that you and Trevor still look the same...young and good looking!