Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We love Nipples

And by Nipples, of course Riggs means Naples.

 Trevor has a few accounts in the Naples/Ft. Myers area, so the kids and I join him when I feel I can stand two kids in a hotel room for a week. Naples is a beautiful town that is full of really rich, old, retired people. And those who serve them (enter us:). They have great food, and beautiful beaches that the kids and I enjoy...or just the hotel pool. I don't have to clean or plan meals for a week. Plus, it's so fun frustrating all the oldies by bringing kids into their oasis. We make as much of a scene as we can;)

We headed down back in February and had a great trip.

My baby girl looks like such a baby back then.

The wonderful hotel pool, which was heated.  Notice the very serious life guard on duty in the boppy chair.

First-time mini-golfer.

He really caught on quick.  Plays using his mother's rules.

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