Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bjorkman Florida Trip

You know the only thing that would make Florida better?  If my family lived here.

We had so much fun once again during a visit from family.  If only airline travel wasn't like you just bought a new car each time you fly your family somewhere....(sigh).

The Bajorks had their big family trip to DisneyWorld at the end of March and luckily we got to tag on for a little bit of it.  And also luckily, they tagged a few extra days on to it to come hang in Tampa.

While around our house we hit up St. Pete Beach and topped it off with a night at the OG.  The twins' request.  Cheers to breadsticks!

 We were lucky enough to get two days with them at DisneyWorld.  Always the adventure with a 2 year old and less than 1 year old.  And as pictured below, no one can ever fault Riggs for not going hard.

It was also our treat to get Soy Sauce for a day.  You haven't done a park until you've done it the Soy Sauce way.  

Bajorks, it can't be too soon before another visit!!


Adrienne said...

Cheers to our awesome hosts. Especially for taking Soy Sauce off our hands for a day.

Jenny said...

Oh, how fun is that?! You guys both have the cutest families.