Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a Cougar Folks

That's right.  I knew this would be a fad even before it was a fad.  Go for the younger, hotter, moldable young boy...I always knew I was a trend setter.  And here he is folks, my cub???  What do you call a cougar's man?

Alas, my hotter, smarter, funnier, awesomer, and YOUNGER husband turned 30...last December.  It happened, none the less.  Trevor's not one for birthday's and one of these years I'm going to do something huge, but for his 30th we did what any other annual passholder would do....a kidless trip to Busch Gardens!  We actually had a lot of fun and had been wanting to do it for quite some time...but between pregnancy, nursing, and babysitting, it just hadn't worked out.

We were able to get in and out of the park in less than 2 hours, ride all the rides, get soaked on his favorite river rafting ride and head to a great dinner at Datz.  It was the perfect night...and it wasn't even my birthday!

This meal was crazy.  I can't totally remember it now, but something like fried chicken and chedder waffles with jalepeno maple syrup.  Yuuuuum.

A great snag with the camera phone by the birthday boy himself.

Riding the sky thing at sunset.  Romantic, we know.

 We still got it folks.

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Meredith W said...

Les you are a cougar. Rrrrr