Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Smattering

It seems I'm always wishing I had my "good" camera for those moments that only seem to happen when unplanned.  Thus, a lot of the pictures that will actually warm my heart, make me chuckle, or are just highly memorable seem to be captured on our dang phone cameras.  I know they've come a long way, but I want more Apple.  More.  Until's my smattering of photos from the end of last year.  Oh, and just because I'm saucy, I've given each photo a title.

The Unteachable.

Pants on the Ground.

Pretzel Pose.

I Got Hornzz.

The Protector.


 (Groan of Desire).

The Cherub.  


Appears Closer Than She Is.

The Grapefruit.


1 comment:

JasPam said...

Love the "smattering" of pics! Keep em comin'!