Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As we approach this Thanksgiving...

....let's take a moment to remember last Thanksgiving.  It truly deserved/s it.  The Carlile's came to town and when I say they "came to town."  I mean they CAME TO TOWN.  There was some serious partying thanksgiving going on.  Of course, the cousin time was a highlight.  I get the feeling it's fun being a two year old and even more fun to have a cousin that's two also.

We were sure to pay our respects to the beach.  

 And of course we paid a visit to Mr. DisneyWorld himself.  Oh, and we stayed at some awesome trashy hotel turned hotel/waterpark.  Just a side "bene" of Orlando.

 We were so glad to see the lights.  A Winn first.

For some crazy reason we decided to break Riggs of his binky this trip and he was sick.  That sure made for an "unfun" trip for Riggs, but the rest of us sure had a grand time!

Looking for visitors this Thanksgiving....we promise sunshine, beaches, disneyworld, and no rules!

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