Monday, July 26, 2010

Rigdon's 1st Birthday

Our little son turned 1 last week. I can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. We just love our little buddy so much and think he's the funnest boy on the planet (even if he won't smile for photo shoots).

I woke him up early and made him hang out with me for a few minutes before I left for work. He wasn't too happy, but I was. This was also going to be his "last bottle". So far Riggs is winning that battle.

Riggs loves to swim, so we had a little pool party with some friends on his birthday. Here are a few pics of him downing his awesome basketball cake that his mom made for him.

Riggs hangin' with the crew.

Please take a look at Garrick's face (left photo).....that's why this picture made the post

Rigdon has also grown very fond of being thrown while in the pool. His dad is also fond of that.



JSC said...

Boy, you really got him up in the air! Wonder if the hight will be the same at age two?

Evan said...

impressive height, i don't care who you are, thats impressive.

Meredith W said...

Riggs you are so handsome and awesome. I think you should do some modeling. Looks like a fun party!! I wish I could have seen what the cake looked like before you ate it!

David and Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Ridgon!! You are looking so big & handsome. Nice job on the cake Les!

Lynda said...

Trevor looks like he's about to take a three point shot with his son! Amazing. Break him into the proper form early.

Jordan and Ariana said...

Hey Lesley! This is Ariana Keith. We were roommates in yester year at Banbridge Apt.(2003-2004?) Anyway, I just found your blog through Jenny Green's and I said, "Hey! I know that girl!" I was glad to look through and see you with your good looking family. Rigdon is a cutey! I especially love his scrunched up face in some of those pictures. Feel free to check my blog out: