Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting to Know Florida's Outdoors

So a couple of weekends ago we decided to check out a few of Florida's state parks. I'd say we were pleasantly surprised with what they both had to offer and really enjoyed finding some cooler water to dip into - even the pools here are too hot now!

Here we are at Manatee Springs. Note the cute manatee below. We didn't see any real ones though, apparently they only come in the spring I think. Meeting the manatee will be another trip for another day.

Here's the head of the spring. It is a beautiful setting, with beautiful colors, as you can see and the water is 72 degrees all year round. Perfect for a refreshing dip during a Florida summer.

These are just the trails through the park and water that lead to the Swanee River.

More of water that feeds from the spring, but not the part that they suggest you swim in because it is not fenced off (yes, from alligators).

Oh, and here's Riggs when we were finished at this park. Can't pay him to smile!

We also went to Rainbow River State Park. It's basically a full river fed by a natural spring. It was so awesome, the water is perfectly clear. This picture is just where they have a marked swimming hole, but just below it you can tube or kayak the river. Which we did.

Oh, and here's Riggs at the end of this day's adventure. He was a real trooper. He enjoyed the kayaking, but mainly was just trying to jump overboard the whole time. All in good time my son.


Meredith W said...

That sure is a sassy pose from Riggs on the last picture. That place looks sweet!

Evan said...

can't wait to cruise around on the bike at SR with Riggs.