Friday, September 3, 2010

Went from Land O Lakes, FL... The Land of the Lakes. That's right folks, a couple weeks ago I decided to do a quick trip to Minnesota. Let me just say this trip couldn't have been more needed or more enjoyed.

My Hosts....or most of them at least

Our lake day. I didn't get any tubing pictures, which was as awesome as we all know tubing is. Instead, I tried to get Joss and Riggs to take a picture on the beach. Let me just say it would have been easier to get good photos while riding the tube. These two have to be the biggest "problem areas" in our family photos...although, they could be the cutest too!:)

If they aren't going to look, why not just take it from above.

MN has so much to do man. Here we are at the indoor park because the Minnesotans of the bunch thought it was too hot to be outside. Riggs pretty much just stayed perched by the ball thing.

Oh, and who's having fun? That's right, this guy.

Of course you've got to hit up the Mall of America. Can you say must see? Oh, and can you say, they have a ride named after the horse we named Riggs after - Big Rigs.

Riggs watching the girls do their thing.

Riggs being so over it.

And finally, Riggs on a ride. He loved it!

A big thanks to all those that made this trip possible, if you will.


Meredith W said...

Good post Les. They are always so full of interesting information.

Adrienne said...

We loved having you!

Whitney said...

Love the pic of Rigs being over it. Priceless.