Monday, September 13, 2010

A Trip Home Part I

We had a great trip home last month, with lots of pictures, so I'll break it into 2 posts. First, is our time spent in Albany. Riggs got lots of quality cousin, aunt/uncle, and grandparent time, as well as a few fun little adventures.

Here we are at the carousel the city of Albany is building. It's a 10 year project, that is pretty much awesome. Hand carved and painted animals, with personal stories built into each. Riggs LOVES the different animals, especially the fact that he can sit on them!

The whole gang.

Some of the animals in just their carved state.

The painting room.

The cousins.

We also went to A-town's farmers market. I bought a scrumptious blackberry croissant. Riggs ate almost all of Grandma's blueberries. It was a great morning.

Finally, we were sure to hit up the Wiest's pool.

We can't wait to go home again! Stay tuned for part II.


Whitney said...

Fun times! Looking forward to part II.

Evan said...

Les, seriously, you must have the coolest brother in the world, lets not kid our selves here.

Adrienne said...

Les, you are seriously such a good photographer.

JasPam said...

I agree with Adge--the photography is so incredible that you don't need words to describe it and I can't find the words to do so!