Friday, July 23, 2010

The First "Official" Family Photos

So, next to birthing a child, trying to take a family picture was one of the hardest things I've done in the past year:) Riggs did not cooperate at ALL. He knew what we were trying to do and was set to destroy my plans...after all I've done for him...hmmph! Nonetheless, after our dream of a friend Annie took 700 photos we found about 10 where he was somewhat smiling, and even fewer of him looking at the camera. All in all though, my goal was to actually have a few pictures with all three of us in it, and that was accomplished. For having a very uncooperative subject, Annie really worked her magic to get the pictures below (did I mention she's 9 months pregnant?). Thanks Annie!

This is our true family photo. I've titled it "The Brow."

This was heading to the car post-photos. Yes, Trevor was dripping in sweat, I wanted to die, oh, and so did Riggs.

You know you're in Florida when you have to bring a sweat towel to family photos. Literally dripping in sweat, all of us.


Triz said...

My wife and son = Awesome

Triz said...

By the way.....thanks Annie!

JSC said...

Delightful pictures of a delightful family. It was a big job, but I sure enjoyed them and time will make these pictures even more valuable.


Suzanne said...

Sweet pics - they turned out great. Riggs looks great in every pic - are you sure it wasn't other subjects that were having troubles in the pics! LOL! HEHEHEHEH--you all look fab as usual :)