Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Open Letter to My Wife on Our Anniversary

Dear Spouse,

People often call their missions the "best 2 years of their life." I hope the ones that say that aren't married. The past 3 years have been, without question, the best 3 years of my life. They've been fun, sun, laughter, and love filled.......and all because of my sweet wife.

In the past year, here are a few things that have made me especially grateful to be married to Lesley Jean.......

You are a terrific mother. So kind and patient and diligent in teaching our son. You amaze me daily with him. Nothing makes me happier than to see how much Riggs loves his mom. And how much Riggs' mom loves him back.

Switching "Companies"
Retiring from the working world and the success you were having, and would have continued to have, is not an easy thing. But I am so infinitely grateful that you wanted to do so, and have embraced it with open arms. I can't express how blessed we are to have a CEO like yourself running the most important 3-person corporation in the history of the world. I'm glad we headhunted you away from 3M.

Your Bravery
In the past year we have moved away from jobs, friends, and a place where we were comfortable. You have been so willing to adapt and change and embrace the adventure of Florida. Making new friends, learning a new place, and leaving family isn't easy.....but you haven't complained, haven't grumbled, and have just taken it as the next chapter in our story and started writing. Thank you.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Being married to you is so much fun. I laugh every day. We do fun things. Whether it's at amusement parks, playing with Riggs, floating down a river, playing tennis, or just sitting around the house together......everything with you is fun. You're the funniest person I know. From your jokes, to your laughter at your own jokes, to your accents, to your tired laugh, you're just funny and fun and I love it.

Wife, you're the best. I'm so glad you mustered the courage to call me back way back when. You've made these last 3 years the best 3 years of my life. And I can't wait to spend many many many more "best years" with you as our family and love grows. I love you.


Your Husband

(P.S. Here are a few other pictures I thought might make you smile)


Mary said...

Congrats on the anniversary!! Riggs must be the cutest little boy ever. . I have hair envy whenever I see him. :) Can't wait to see you all in person in September. loves!

Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

Trevor, I think you managed to capture Lesley's awesomeness with this open letter. And in so doing you showed how awesome you are yourself. And it goes without saying that Riggs is...well, one of the most awesome little men ever.

Amanda Wilson said...

Congratulations you guys. Great post Trevor. You guys are awesome! We feel so lucky to have you in Florida.

Lindsay & Josh said...

I'm a little jealous you live in Flordia, per Amanda's comment. But ditto to what Trevor said. I think the best semester of my college career was when I roomed with Les. She IS fun! Happy Anniversary!

Meredith W said...

Trevor I just want to remind you that I was the encourager and supporter that aided Les in "going back" after you. So I expect a similar blog post sometime soon... jk. You two are great and I'm very happy you decided to wed. But I have to say that Riggs is my favorite thing about you two :)

Evan said...

Mere, come on we all know where the credit Triz daddy himself.

And Les you are the second funniest person I know.


JSC said...

This was a beautiful post. I am in complete agreement on all counts except one: I am not so sure about Lesley's jokes.