Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wow, I'm FAAAAR Behind.

Oh well, I REFUSE to skip an event. Thus, here's some random photos and outings post-father/son campout in October and pre-Ev/Whit visit during Thanksgiving.

Matching matching stripe squared.

Riggs and his favorite dress hat that can serve as an all-purpose hat.

Many days at Busch Gardens. You can see what it does to Mere.

We have the dress hat/mom's home-made bow tie combo.

A lot of cuteness.

And some Halloween festivities. If you can't tell from a compilation of the photos below, as a family, we were Yellowstone National Park. Riggs was the park ranger, Mere the bear, I was a tree (unpictured), and Trevor was Old Faithful (his costume unpicture, which is really a shame).

Also, poor Riggs got sick the actual night of Halloween, so Dad carried him around to a few of the houses. Check out that sad face below.

Oh, and just Riggs reveling in all his glory.

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The Greaves Family said...

Beautiful fam Les. Haven't seen you in a LONG time and just wanted to say hi. WOuld love to see you again. Have a great May. :)