Sunday, February 12, 2012

The First Father/Son Camp Out

You know what I wish? I wish that this - Trevor and Riggs camping - was a reality TV show. That I could just sit on my couch and watch the highlights, the lowlights, and all the in between time.

But if that ever happened, it would seem the world would lose all balance it once possessed. It's just meant to be. Us mom's are never suppose to know what happens during those two half days and one night. And when left to only imagine, we see crazy things like feeding our sons full bags of marshmellows for breakfast, letting them run around in a poopy diapers for hours on end, sending them in fields of wild horses and off to chase other "high risk" animals (these activities have neither been confirmed or denied by the two attendees in our family).

Nonetheless, it's just another one of those things that I'll be left to wonder about for all eternity...along with what the heck actually happens in Elders Quorum (which may not be a whole lot).

Trevor did happen to capture a few priceless photos from their weekend. And from what I gather, it may have been the best weekend of Riggs' life.

Oh, and I just remembered the best part of this trip. It was actually a trip with our young men and young women where they were going up to this big cabin to have fun. Everyone else in the group slept in this big cabin. But not Riggs and Trevor. They slept in the big outdoors. Thus, it became a Camp Out. And from what I can tell, an epic camp out at that.

All excited, or serious, and ready to leave.

Setting up home base. Everyone contributes in our family.

Then the real fun begins. The "scavengering." A talent only those of the male persuasion have.

A pit stop by to see what the youth are doing.

A pit stop to see what the wild horses are doing. Awesome.

Night time activities.

Bed time. Trevor said they each went to bed in their own sleeping bag, but by morning Riggs was in his sleeping bag with him.

And hello morning.

And hello scavengering with an apple.

And hello awesomeness.

Result of the weekend. I'd say that's a success.

Their second father/son camp out is coming up soon. But it will be a serious camp out. Riggs will again have the time of his life.


beezbond said...

What a great dad
Nothing better in parenting a boy than a father son camp out

Julie said...

so cool. I can't believe he slept in a tent.

Jenny said...

Everything about this post is awesome. Riggs looks like he's in heaven.

The Winns said...

How fun! Brad couldn't wait to take Cameron on his first father son camp out. He thinks cooper is going with them this year, but I think it's a bit early. Too bad all the Winn boys couldn't go together! Maybe one day.