Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Spectacular Shower

So, yes, here I am. A very, very pregnant lady. But a very, very pregnant lady that was treated to a marvelous, and by marvelous, I mean spectacular, baby shower.

It was put on by these 2 beautiful ladies, Laura and Jenny. As well as the amazing Debbie Dickson (Laura's mom), who I wasn't able to get a photo of...kind of.

This was the set-up as you walked you can see, it was kind of a May Flowers theme. It was the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Here's the food layout. The layout is one thing, so pretty. The food is a whole other thing...

They made 3 amazing salads - an asian type salad, a spinach salad, and a shrimp/noodle salad. They were probably the best 3 salads I've ever had in my life. Seriously.

And here's the desert spread. Cream puffs, cupcakes, mini brownies, carrot cake, and on and on.

The beautiful mini-brownies. If you can't tell, everything was beautiful.

The marvelous, home-made carrot cake. Equipped with a mini carrot and eatable grass. Sooo good.

Lastly, just a couple shots of opening gifts. Let's just say, I really hope this baby really does come out a girl...because they have prepared me well to dress a little cute girly!!

A few of the attendees (THE Debbie Dixon, far left).

The party favors, filled with candy.

It was a great night. We've been lucky enough to make some great friends in the short time we've been in Florida. I just wish I could somehow pay them all back for how much they do to help and support us Winn's!!!

Thank you again Laura, Jenny, and Debbie, as well as everyone that came!!


Lisa Michelle said...

How fun, Les! Everything looks spectacular, indeed! Getting excited to hear about baby girl's arrival!! Enjoy your last few weeks with just 1 little one... :) and ps - you look GREAT.

Jenny said...

"THE" Debbie Dickson is amazing! And so are you! You are a great friend Lesley, and I'm always happy to help you! So you BETTER CALL ME when baby girl comes!!!

OnCallMom said...

Yum! I'd pay you to fed ex me one of those chocolate brownies. ;) You look gorgeous...can't wait to hear about baby girl when she arrives!

JasPam said...

What a supportive group of friends to treat you to such an awesome party. The people, gifts, favors, food and decor are all out of this world. What more could you ask fo

Natalie said...

Les - I was just checking out your blog for the first time in a long time. Didn't know you were prego until now - but congrats! So happy for the Winns to welcome a baby girl. And I love your pics from the Jimmer time - so fun and we miss having you BYU fans so close! Hope all goes well with the new baby! Miss you guys!