Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gunner Does Florida

Yep, we were lucky enough to get a much needed visit from Mister Gunner and Mere a couple weeks ago. And Gunner was the only one to make it through the trip unscathed. Trevor, Meredith, myself, and Riggs all consecutively got some kind of 24 hour flu...which made for many unpleasant days and nights. Gunner, however, managed to beat that flu, ain't no thang. Although the flu seemed to be our focus the majority of their trip, we still managed to get some fun in.

It all started with the zoo. The boys owned the water area.

There was a lot of interest in all the animals.

Aunt Mere treated Riggs to a ride on his favorite apple.

The boys DEFINITELY owned the train. Twice, I believe. Gunner would have rode it all day if allowed.

There were many a times in the backyard playing around with water and what not. Riggs definitely loved having a built in buddy.

Here's our visitors after an intense evening of play.

Riggs loving having his cousin around. He'll still ask for Gunner on occasion.

We made a trip to Ft. Meyers amidst the flu issues and managed to get to the beach for an hour or so. It was outrageously crowded, but at least we can say we did it!

And finally, I was not smart and tried to do a photo shoot. Why do I even try? I believe Riggs purposefully chooses to get angry and not look at the camera when I actually take the time to photograph him. Plus, we were noobs and left the ISO up way too high after shooting the boys in the shade. FOF ONE MILLION. Nonetheless, here's a little of what we came away with.

Please come back soon Gunner!!!!!!!!!! We promise we won't attempt to make you sick again!!!!


JSC said...

Grandpa loves those boys and the great pictures. Looks like a good trip in spite of the flu.

Adrienne said...

Love the photo of both boys in their tank tops/sleeveless shirts.