Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're sucked into the Biggest Loser Soap Opera

"Would $250,000 be worth having everyone in the country hate you?"
- direct quote from comment on Vicki's Biggest Loser profile
Vicki, from The Biggest Loser, has decided yes, it is in fact worth it. The oh so ironic thing about the situation is that you don't have to have one or the other, you can win the $250k and have the country LOVE you...all at the same time (as accomplished by Ali, last year's winner). I ran across that question when reading some comments on a blog post about Vicki, the latest and most controversial Biggest Loser contestant in show history. It had hundreds of comments, many of which were PG-13 and I wouldn't recommend reading, but clearly express that the country is cheering AGAINST her (or at least those die hard Biggest Loser fans like the Winn's and the Olsen's)....especially after last night's antics and what they previewed to come.

For those that haven't kept up on this season, in short, Vicki appears to be semi-delusional because she thinks everyone else on the show are the ones stirring the pot, when in all reality it's just her and her partner in crime, Heba. Everything she does is with a reckless abandonment for any level of tact or general consideration for the well being of others. She has that Grinch-who-stole-Christmas-grin that just makes your skin crawl and behavioral tendencies that are similar to Ute fans (we all know what I'm talking about here). She is driving this country insane.
She's decided to just hate Phil, another contestant, only because he's trying to win the game too. She openly mocks him, attacks him, and tries to get others against him with a really evil spirit. Now, as alluded to by next week's preview she's posing revenge on the sweet, non-competitive Amy who was the swing vote to send her puppet husband Brady off the show last night. (Let's just say that Trevor and I flew off the couch screaming and giving high five's when she revealed her vote, it was HUGE).
Anyways, this sneak peak of her "revenge" note, which included many expletives, said that she will not stop at anything until that lying !@#%@#$@^#$^@ is kicked off the show....just because poor, sweet Amy did what any sane person who wanted to win would do.
Trevor are I are fully invested in watching with the rest of the country what we hope to be the demise of Vicki's run to the $250,000 dollars. I just get so mad at her!! The cool confidence in her evil, manipulating ways drives fury that I almost can't control. I had to take an hour to cool off after last night's intensity...and even after that I kept saying to Trevor, "remember Vicki."
Did anyone else have similar thoughts, feelings, experiences??
This is a safe place to share your feelings that I know are swirling around uncontrollably in any Biggest Loser fan.


Adam said...

Wow. Strap yourself in, this one's going to be a doozy.

You know I'm on board the Vicki hate wagon. Trevor and I had a long conversation this morning detailing as much.

Vicki reminds me of the mom on Million Dollar Baby--You know, the one who refuses a new house because she wants to continue collecting welfare checks.

Vicki is trash. I used to think Brady was a cool guy until I realized he's completely spineless. Vicki just uses him to forward her evil designs, and he just goes along with it like a big dumb animal.

But I digress.

I was very happy to see the blue team--the white trash coalition, as I've dubbed them--get split up last night. Amy C. made the right choice. Vicki, Brady, Heba and Ed would have run roughshod over the rest of the players. Amy C. was smart to break them up.

And yes, Becky and I cheered out loud when Brady got voted off.

Anyway, I feel so strongly about Biggest Loser that I wrote a post on Cougar Crazies comparing BL to the MWC. Check it out.

P4 said...

Oh my gosh! If you only knew how much I hated her and Heba. They seriously stir up anger in me that I didn't know was possible. I as well jumped off the couch and started clapping when Amy voted out Brady. If one of those ladies wins I will be so mad. Thank you for voicing all my same opinions. I don't even think Bob likes his team. I also don't think that Vicki is there to lose weight, but that it was the only reality show she could get on.

P.S. This is Lindsey if you aren't sure. Lost you as readers when I became private...I don't have your email address to invite you.

The Winns said...

I wasn't at home last night and missed it. I will watch next week for sure. Where do they find these people?

Lauren said...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! I've never felt so much hatered....yes I say the word hate....towards someone. And I don't even know her in real life! And as for previews for next week....what grown/sane/normal woman writes a "revenge" note! I mean seriously, are we that immature. YES, Vicki is. She needs to go! I hope the surprise at the weigh in next week is that the producers and bob kick Vicki off the show for "unsportsman like conduct".

--Lauren Wilson :)

Jonathan Wilson said...

I agree with everything that has been said. Amanda and I were very happy about the outcome last night. Amanda just kept saying, "don't worry, Amy will do the right thing", and she did. I couldn't fall asleep for over an hour after we finished watching last night because of how work up I was(we had DVRed it and watched it later than normal).

Jenny said...

Oh MY gosh! I was going post of this myself, but I can just let it all out here instead. I am soooo mad at this witchy woman! Marcus can't even watch it anymore because it gets him so angry. I knew Amy was going to do the right thing, but that the results would be bad -- but I didn't know it would be THAT bad. Vicki is a horrible horrible person. I can't express the disappointment and anger I felt when Ed got back on the show -- with Heba (who Marcus claims is the ugliest woman he has ever seen -- I think that's mainly out of hate). I really wanted Phil or Amy to come back. And Stacey was soooo close to beating him. Oh well. But Vicki! V I C K I! Heba's stuck in jr. high while Vicki? The girl must have sold her soul to the devil because she is vicious and hell bent on ruining lives to get her money. I hope she twists an ankle and gets booted out for not losing enough weight. And poor Bob, who I love, has to train these people?! I think this honestly is the first time I an rooting for Jillian's team. AH. I am disgusted. It's a train wreck that I can't pull my eyes away from. Down with VICKI!

Jenny said...

Can I just say one more thing here? I'm a bit disturbed that I'm so angry about the situation. I really don't think I've ever felt so passionately, in such a negative way, towards anyone or anything. Really. This can't be good for my blood pressure! But I also think about Vicki's poor kids. This is the mother they have? Sheesh. I really hope they never lose a soccer game!

Amanda W./ Mindy said...

I too despise Vivki, Heba, and Brady. I am not sure if I can even be considered rightous after having the feelings I have toward those people. What they don't realize is when they are so mean to Phil, all that does is make America like him and HATE them. I hope people BOOOOOO when they come out on stage at the finale. You can count on me doing it when I watch it. Anybody else in?

bajork12 said...

Where do I start? First of all, I need to recognize Lesley for a great post. Very thoughtful and descriptive. THIS is what "the people" want to hear about... and you delivered!

Pardon me if I get a little emotional. I'm still hurting from the national election. I don't know if America could take it if Vicki somehow won.

I think Bob deserves another shout out. Can you imagine how hard that has got to be for him to put on the fake smile every time he talks with Vicki and Heba? Bob is hurting inside but he is under a very lucrative TV contract which makes it difficult for him to express his feelings and emotions. When he tells us that Vicki is the "biggest game player" he has ever seen in biggest loser history what he is really trying to tell America is that he hates her guts, he is sorry that he has to be her coach, and he really isn't going to help her in last chance workout. Hang in there Bob! We know what you are going through.

Evan said...

I must be honest, I don't watch the show ever. I ditto everything Lauren Wilson said. She is the, she basically kept me alive during my 18th year of life. And for that I am forever in debt to her.

The Smith Family said...

I love it! I completely agree! Vicki has shown an exceptionally evil side. She is a notty lady. You can tell even Bob is blown away with her pure evilness. Heba is not far away. I was so happy when Amy gave the boot to Brady! I was laughing out loud! I am also sucked in!

Natalie said...

I hate Vicki! Heba used to be my least favorite but the last few weeks Vicki has pulled into first place as the most hated. Seriously - she makes me not want to watch it at all. If she wins, I'm never watching again because I do not agree with the way that she is going about the competition. Anyway, just wanted to add my hate thoughts to the rest of them!

Leslie said...

You said it perfectly, seriously I think you took those words straight from my head!! We hate Vikki and Heba so much too - The vote of this past week was music to my ears! I hope that one of the evil blue members leaves next (except Amy of course)!!