Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Return of the Droid

For those of you who don't know, my brother Andy (more commonly known as "Droid") has been in Russia for the past 2 years serving a mission. He just got home in August and Lesley and I went home to see him. He talks a little weird because of his Russian syntax, but it was a great visit. We had a good time seeing him after so long. Here are a few pics from that weekend.

Since I was flying in about 20 minutes before Andy, I was able to go directly to his terminal and wait for him there, and not at security. I snapped this shot right as he got off the plane onto the tarmac.

Left: Droid and 'rents Right: Droid, still smaller than his older brothers

Uncle Andy with his nieces

He picked up this one-eye cross-eyed thing in Russia. Crazy Ruskies.

Left: Convincing Cameron that he's met Andy before Right: The semi-awkward brother hug

A little Winn family street football
(Check out the size disparity between Brad & Cameron)

Because Andy's such a big golfer, we had a mini golf tournament on Saturday. I wanted to take advantage of Andy not having played in 2 years and get a victory over him, but I didn't even come close. I guess my 11 on hole 15 didn't help too much. It took Andy about 5 swings and he was back to his smooth swinging ways.

It's good to have Andy back. We're very proud of the service he performed the last 2 years in Russia. He's blessed the lives of so many over there, as well as his family back here in the United States. We're proud of you Droid.

He'll be heading to BYU-Idaho this week to begin school. He has a blog now too! Droid's Dome. Check out his post about his first date post mission.


The Winns said...

Great post! I think the best thing he learned in Russia is the one eye crossed thing he does.

TG 08!

The Smith Family said...

Wow! He looks so grown up! I think of Andy being like 7.

Evan said...

Ev did beat Driod in that tourney. Sure is great to have the little guy back.

Droid said...

I feel so honored to be the subject of this blog. Man, I am looking pretty slim and give me a few more weeks and I will be winning the golf tourney.

Adrienne said...

I miss Ilin she whs a verea niss.